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Lesson on rhythm "the Magic of music, magic, dance" 2018
2016-07-03, 11:26:17

Goal: create conditions conducive to disclosure of creative potential of personality, introducing students to cultural values, mastering the elements of folk dance, the emotional emancipation.

Tasks: • develop an ability to understand the mood of the music, Express yourself in dance, the plastic, to exercise creative imagination; • the development of cognitive and emotional-volitional spheres, broaden their horizons, introduction to cultural values; • development of flexibility, plasticity, physical endurance, the formation of posture, the ability to control your body; • formation of skills of social interaction, the development of communicative skills, abilities to work in group, interact with a partner; • creation of situations of success.

Materials: music center, recording dance music, multimedia, folk musical instruments, elements of European folk costumes, mats, slides with types of nature of different countries, a video dance show-ballet "Todes". The lesson: 1. Greeting: Guys! We received an urgent telegram (teacher reads a telegram) : "We toured the Yamal North, and was caught in a severe snowstorm. Weather non-flying, all roads covered with snow, and we don't have time on tour to America. Help! All hope for you! Show-ballet "Todes". Guys, you know, show-ballet "Todes"? This team has more than 20 years performing on stage and is known worldwide. They always bring on stage something interesting, original, and show high professionalism. (On screen visuals with the dancing show-ballet "Todes") Let's help show-ballet "Todes"! But we are waiting for a difficult path.

2. The warm-up. First, we will go by train. In the way we rest is not necessary, you need to warm up before a performance/ - Cook started the movement with a dance step. - walking on toes and heels; - easy run; -  leg back; - canter; - jumps; dance step, recovering the breath.

 3. Game stretching. Then we will take the plane. Would everyone please take their seats, ready for takeoff. (Sounds beautiful music, on-screen slide show with different types of countries, cities, nature) Look out the window, we fly over the home town, fly over the Northern mountains. Our flight goes well, we can relax a bit and read a book (do exercise "owner"). View out the window. We're flying over Europe. We fly over the Sunny Italy, where there are beautiful flowers and colorful butterflies fly. Look how beautiful they are! (do exercise "butterfly") Flying over the ocean, view some beautiful wave (do the exercise "the wave") And now we fly above the jungle. In the jungle there are lots of different snakes (do the exercise "snake") And now we fly over sultry India. In India, the biggest and strongest animal the elephant (do exercise "elephant"). And now our plane is flying over Australia. Here live the big birds – ostriches (do exercise "ostrich") And now look outside the window it was night and the sky came out a month (do the exercise, "month") And here at us America, our plane starts to drop, ready for planting. (lie back, relax)

4. Improvisational dance. Our plane landed in America and we need to be ready. Guys, what dances do you know? (The kids call known dances) Now the music you will move it the way you want, with your movement should match the rhythm and character of music. (Sounds waltz, children begin to move) Now try to repeat the movement for me (the teacher dances along with the children). What was the dance? Of course, a waltz, it is danced on the balls. What is the nature of this dance? Now next dance (sounds Latin Samba children dance) This is Samba, the dance of the Brazilian carnival. And what is the nature of this dance? And finally, the third dance (sounds of rock-n-roll, children dance). You all know rock-n-roll, what is his nature? Our performance was successful, congratulations! The audience liked our European dance! What is it? Again a telegram (the teacher reads a telegram) : "Thanks guys! You really helped us! The dance world is so big and diverse! If you're a hard to do, you'll make a real artists! Because you are talented and hardworking!

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