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Music "Birds-the symbol of peace" 2018
2016-12-29, 18:24:46
The theme of the lesson: "Birds – a symbol of peace"
Lesson type : integrated.
Objective: Education: to acquaint with the works of Pablo Picasso, I. Dunaevsky, D. Tukhmanov....
Developing: to Develop the potential of students, using paper plastic.
Educational: to educate the emotional response to works of art, patriotism and love for their Homeland.
Equipment for students: Scissors,colored paper,glue, crayons,colored threads.
Visuals: Multimedia presentation on the topic, a sample of the product of a stork, and a pigeon.

Music series : Music works: music of Serafim Tulikov,Mr Turquoise, "Japanese crane"
The structure of the lesson:

1. The organizational part.

2. Actualization of knowledge.

3. The formation of new knowledge.

4. Practical work.

5. The consolidation of new knowledge.

6. Reflection.

7. Information about homework assignment.
Course of the lesson.

1. The organizational part.

Muz. pre-chorus: "Good afternoon"

- The words "Good day" we wish only good.

And we want to wish everyone, not only this day but all the days of your life was good and peaceful.

Today in class you will find a large and interesting work. We wish you all success.

2. Updating;

(Slide # 1,2,3,4,5.)

Image what birds you saw on the screen?

- Why do you think today's lesson we will talk about these birds?

Slide No. 6

- What is peace?

1. The world - the universe, planet earth and the population of the globe.

2. World – friendly relations, harmony between people, absence of war, peace, tranquility.

(Slide # 7)

3. The formation of new knowledge.

The dove is a sign of good news, in fact it is known since the appearance of the stories of the flood, when it brought to the ark the olive branch in a sign that the flood is over and God has reconciled with humans.

(Slide No. 8)

- There is a legend about how the doves goddess of love Venus, built their nest in the helmet of the God of War Mars, the God of war, not to destroy their nest, abandoned another bloody idea.

(Slide No. 9)

-Dove of peace - the expression which received popularity after the second world war, when began the work of the world peace Congress, which was held under the motto: "peace - the cause of all peoples of the world."

It needed an emblem, and paint it asked the great Pablo Picasso, the brilliant Spanish painter.

It is a white dove carrying in its beak an olive branch. The dove,could not be better expressed the desire to fly, to freedom, to peace.

(Slide # 10)

- Pigeons are often called "Messengers of peace" so at festivals, the celebrations, the sky let out pigeons.

The verse about the doves.

(Slide # 13,14.)

Dunaevsky "Fly, pigeons, fly..."

- What genre is this piece? (song)

- The form of the work? (couplet)

- Who takes? (chorus)

- What? (children's)

- What is the chorus? (many artists)

- Who helps? (Symphony orchestra)

- The nature of the work? (kind, gentle)

- What means music help to depict the dove? (high voice, calm swaying melody)

(Slide # 15)

But not only dove, but the crane is a symbol of peace and happiness.

In Japan the crane is a sacred bird, a symbol of health, longevity and happiness.

(Slide # 16)

- In Japan there is a superstition that one who folded 1000 paper cranes "Tsuru", ensures excellent health.

(Slide # 17)

The girl Sadako Sasaki was born in 1943 near the city of Hiroshima, was left an orphan after the nuclear explosion in 1945. 10 years have passed and she developed health problems. She was diagnosed with "atom bomb disease"

. She was in the hospital and learned the legend of the cranes.

Sadako began to fold cranes out of paper, hoping to recover, 1955, she died having completed 644 cranes.

(Slide # 18)

- After the death of a Japanese girl cranes have become a symbol of the world - children from all over the world were sent to Japan cranes that Sadako did not finish.

(Slide # 19,20)

Audition. S. Tulikov "Japanese crane"

- Genre works? (song)

- Form? (couplet)

- Performer? (soloist)

- Support? (guitar, piano).

(Slide # 21,22)

- The stork is the bird a symbol of happiness, prosperity in the house. There is a belief that the stork brings children, and the children are flowers of our life.

4. Practical work.

- Paper storks and pigeons music I. Nikolaev, "Tell bird."

5. Consolidation of new knowledge:

(Slide # 23)

-What kind of birds we discussed today in class?

-Why do people often draw the pigeons?

- -Who is the author of the logo "Dove – symbol of peace" ?

- -How is the paper crane in Japan?

- - What are the names of the songs of the birds.

- And now we look at the work and complete the exhibition.

The conclusion of the lesson:

-Without peace there can be no life on earth. Peace and friendship should prevail between all peoples of the globe.

6. Reflection: Self-Assessment.

7. Homework. - Choose and prepare a dramatic reading of a poem about birds with we met in the classroom.
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