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music classes "Orchestral lesson" 2018
2016-11-20, 13:26:32
Goal: Development of cooperation in the group; the ability to feel the partner; creation of conditions for independent musical improvisations of children.


Educational: to Teach children to understand the conductor's gestures.
Games co-educational performance.
Developing: to Develop in children the ability to listen and observe.
To captivate, to inspire children's musical instruments.
To develop creative imagination and auditory imagination.

Educational: to Create an atmosphere of comfort and trust where every child can feel like a musician. To cultivate the ability of cooperation in team.


Children to the music enter the room and stand in a circle.

Musical Director. Hello guys. I'm glad to see you in a good mood. Come to the tool, say hi, like real musicians. (Singing) Hello, guys!

Children (Singing). Hello! (Sit)

Musical Director. Today I will tell you a musical tale.

In the big city was the store of musical instruments. On his shelves were and were very different, very beautiful instruments. And what were the tools, you tell me right now themselves.

(Musical-didactic game "guess what you play?")

Well you could guess. And play they want? Then let's play a game "Think and say".

(The game is played: Stand two tables with a pre-prepared musical instruments. Invited two children. They approach the table and stand back to each other. One comes up with a rhythm and performs it on any tool. The other should repeat on the same instrument the same rhythm.)

But listen to what happened next. Once in the store looked very well-known conductor of the orchestra. He wanted to buy a few tools to refill your own orchestra with new sounds. But seeing on the shelves of so many wonderful instruments, he was confused and didn't know what to choose. Then the conductor offered the tools to show what each is capable of, so that you can find the best of the best. Conductor offered to play a game of "Musical beads".

(Rhythmic play in the preservation of the tempo and meter of "Musical beads": each child performs on his instrument, one sound – musical bead. Children playing strictly on the queue one after the other. The teacher orchestrates standing in the center of the circle. He's hand shows introduction to the tools, trying to keep a smooth metric pulse.)

Praising all the instruments, the conductor asked them to play him in one game.

(Rhythmic play in the acceleration and deceleration of the tempo, "Carousel": the conductor standing in the center of the circle, it offers children a ride on the musical merry-go-round: she first spinning slowly and then faster.)

The conductor still did not have time to consider all the tools properly and so asked them to "start the dance".

(Musical-didactic game "Dance" to the music "Letka-ENKA". This game allows children to share tools. 1st part: children go with tools in a circle, rhythmically playing on them. 2nd part: put the instruments on the chairs and take the instrument that was playing it.)

The conductor praised the tools for a good game, but could not choose a better one, so I invited them all to play in his orchestra. And then came the first real day of rehearsal. Tools from the early morning took their seats and waited for the conductor. The conductor came to rehearse the strict, taut and immediately asked for attention. Started orchestra rehearsal.

(Play with the dynamics of "Wind-wind-wind

Woke up in the morning breeze and wiggled a blade of grass:

Make a barely noticeable wobble fingers (very quiet).

A blade of grass grazed nearby – and now, through the forest flew a light rustle: wiggle your toes, more noticeable (quietly).

The wind rose higher and began to breathe the bushes: slowly lift up the hand and immerse in the rhythm of breathing (a little crescendo and diminuendo).

Breeze tired of sitting down, and he immediately flew to the tops of the trees, arranging there a storm: sharp arms at a great distance vertically and make energetic tremolo brushes (very loud).

But suddenly he again decided to make a joke, I hid under a leaf and fell silent: dramatically close the palm of your hand without movement (silence, end, pause).

Then the wind decided to climb up gradually, like the stairs, but halfway fell: gradually crescendo hands, spreading them, and complete silence.

Rehearsal and the conductor has offered to host a small concert.

(Performed by the children's orchestra sounds "Turkish March" of Mozart.)

Our orchestra lesson is finished.

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