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Open music session "Sounds of spring" 2020
Open music session "Sounds of spring"

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Purpose: to engage children in the spirit of making music using sound gestures, singing, dance, improvised movement. games with tools and objects of the surrounding world.
Tasks: 1. To attach to game, teaching the onomatopoeia for the phenomena of nature.

2. To improve singing skills.

3. Create the ability to perceive music and respond emotionally to it.

4. Practice various techniques of playing the instruments.

5. To develop coordination of movements, reaction time, sense of rhythm, musical ear, ability to navigate in space.

6. Develop musical communication abilities of children.

7. To develop communication skills, sociability, friendliness, mutual respect.

8. To foster an interest in music.

Preliminary work: familiarization with musical instruments, learning game "Magic boxes", the songs – greeting "Good morning" dance "Looked out the sun".
Equipment: multimedia screen, computer, musical instruments, boxes, stereo, pictures of the sun.
The progress of the class. (Jaunty music, children easily run into space and become a freely - in all directions) .
Muz. hands. (singing) : I'm Glad to see good morning!
Children (singing) : Good morning!

Muz. hands. : Guys, we have guests. Let's greet our guests. song.

(The children sing and perform motion in accordance of the words of the song)

Children: 1. Good morning! Smile soon,

And today, the whole day will be more fun!

We Pat the forehead, nose and cheeks

We will be beautiful like the flowers in the garden.

2. We are gonna wipe her hands harder, harder,

Now, let's hear it for bold, bold.

Ears we Potro, Potro and health preserving,

Smile again, let's be healthy!

Muz. hands. We said Hello. Now let's Wake our legs. The tools will tell you when to go, when to stand, when to sit or run other commands.

Here I walk, here I walk (rhythmically hit the tone-unit

Here I stand (kick plate) .

Here I walk, here I walk (rhythmically hit the tone-unit

Here are hitting the plate,

Here I am crawling, crawling I'm here (play a glissando on the xylophone

Here I sit, hitting the plate) in silence,

Here I'm riding. here I'm riding. here I'm riding. here I'm riding (rhythmic beats according to the tone-unit, but sleep (a blow to the plate

Here I lie, here I lie (glissando on the xylophone) and in the sun I look.

Here I stand (kick plate) .

(Children perform movements in accordance with the team) .

Muz. hands. : Well done guys, listened to the team. Now take the "magic box", play with them, we greet each other.

Game The Welcome

Muz. hands. Well played and greeted each other. Put boxes.

(The screen shows the picture of spring. Presentation of "Spring is here")

Muz. hands. : Children, what do you see on the screen?

What you hear sounds?

Us what these sounds say?

What is the time goal? (The children answer the questions) .

Muz. hands. : Guys, let the sun call. Sing: Ah-Ah-Ah (the children sing and raise their hands "tremble" hands) .

Muz. hands. The sound must be beautiful. gentle as the sun. Let's call it a song, sit on chairs and listen to the song.

Sing the song "Come the sun" music. R. Pauls.

(The teacher shows a picture on which the sun hid behind a cloud)

Muz. hands. :This is a very gentle, kind song. To sing it is necessary slowly and gently. Let's call the sun. Sing along with me. (Sing the song together with the children) .

Muz. hands. : Not waking up the sun, let's sing it again. Try to sing a long, listen to the music and each other. (The song is sung again) .

Muz. hands. : Well done! Sang well and I think the sun wanted

to come out from behind the clouds. Guys, listen, as the sun awakens, it rises.

Perform the play "Sunny" music. Naymushin

Muz. hands. : And now I have time to play, and you show of hands, how the rising sun.

(Play, children show hands, how the rising sun, the teacher shows a new picture where the sun is shining and smiling) .

Muz. hands. : In the evening the sun goes down. Let's show (children gradually give up) .

Muz. hands. : Children, did you feel what the music of the sun? (Gentle, affectionate, warm) .

Muz. hands. : The sun. Ah-Ah-Ah (raise hands "tremble" tassels) .

Woke up the bugs, W-W-W-W (buzzing and fingers whiskers) .

The battle z-z-z-z (show fingers,

They spread their wings. CSI-CSI-CSI-CSI (work elbows)

And flew in all directions, XI-XI-XI, the forest was filled with bird voices (children voices of birds) .

The sun melted the snow and ran down the streams (this is from top to bottom and represent sounds in language. Muz. hands. plays glissando on the glockenspiel) .

Muz. hands. : Today we will play the glockenspiel streams and droplets.

(Mus. hands .with the teacher handing out the glockenspiels children)

Muz. hands. (plays and sings) : the Icicles drip drip-drip-drip (children repeat their fundamentals glockenspiels). Brooks run (plays glissando and portrays the sound with language, and children repeat) .

Muz. . Now listen to what I play drops or a trickle?

Singing "the Raindrops" music. Maikapar

(Children play on their glockenspiels, respectively .

Muz. hands. : Well done, well portrayed rivulets and droplets.

(Collecting tools) .

And look (shows a picture) the sun shines brightly and invites everyone to dance. Let's dance!

The dance "Looked out the sun" music. Varlamov

Muz. hands. : Guys, to us in the last lesson came the Fairy of Music and played with us, before leaving, she left me a lot of tools to get you today already played with the tools. Go, take the tools and stand in a circle. (Children take the tools and circle) .

Muz. hands. : Remember how to take and keep the tools.

When music plays, what do our tools (Children answer) .

And when music is not playing? (The children answer that the instruments do not play) .

Listen carefully to the music.

Playing with tools

Muz. hands. : Well done guys, have fun playing. Was listening to the music. Put tools. (Children put the tools) .

Muz. hands. : Well today you are the children sang and played, and danced. And you guests like it? (Answers guests). Our children would like to present you here such gift - the sun made by the hands of children. (Children give guests Souvenirs) .

Muz. hands. : I want to say goodbye to you guys. (Singing) : goodbye children.

Children: bye!

Muz. hands. : Say goodbye to guests.

All: good-bye visit.

Guests: goodbye! (Children leave the room) .
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