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Scenario "Mom, I love you!" 2018
2016-07-17, 19:12:35
Leading reading on the background music.

1st presenter. How many stars in the clear sky!

2nd presenter. How many ears of corn in the fields!

1st presenter. How many songs have birds!

2nd presenter. How many leaves on the branches!

1st presenter. Only one sun in the world!

2nd presenter. Only one mother in the world!

1st presenter. Our country celebrates Mother's Day.

2nd presenter. Mom's life and happiness, warmth and joy, a reliable support and consolation in all sorrows.

1st presenter. Mom — the most precious and valuable that can be on earth.

2nd presenter. But not every day mom hear from us: "Mommy, I love you very much! "

1st presenter. More of our pranks, reckless behavior upset our mom.

We, the children of today, accustomed to the idea – mother is strong, she doesn't need anyone's support, she want to support someone. But is it true? Maybe our moms just want to seem strong even in situations where they really need support – in word and deed, at least look...

They don't want to fill us in on their feelings, because it spares us will still have time to SIP their worries. And also because I think: too young, not understand.

The word "mother" is a special word. As if it is born with us, accompanying the entire life.

1. Mother. It is our song.

She is our miracle!

If you're around, trouble will be forgotten.

2. Hand stretch, gently hug,

Kindly have a look - all the sorrows will be removed!

It is a miracle perpetual -

Midnight sun home!

3. Love you, mom, for what, I don't know

I guess that I live and dream,

And enjoyed the sun, and the bright day.

For that you I, dear love.

In the sky, for the wind, for the air around.

Love you, mom. You're my best friend.

4. No tiredness, not knowing neither rest every hour

Day and night my mother worries about us.

We rocked, fed, have a bed we sang,

First she taught us good happy words.

5. How many nights could not sleep her

If suddenly sick we are,

How much crying she had

In the room in the midst of darkness.

6. when we are sad for an hour

How much joy mom, if someone praises us.

How much suffering she was with us and rewards it is not necessary.

One dream moms love their children.

7. There is no one my mom's is more expensive

There is no one more fair and stricter

There is no one on my mom's kinder,

Sweet gentle mother mine.

8. I love her warm hands,

A quiet, gentle voice sounds.

Mom and sun we Shine stronger

Cold in a world without my mother.

9. Who regret, and who will warm,

Can't sleep at night when we are ill?

No one else in the world folks

Mom's the only one my sweet.

Special glory to those mothers who have three or more children. These families are called large.

10. Mummy our native,

These tender lines are for you.

May the sorrow in your home,

Let diseases go away.

We are all life, our dear mother,

Before you in debt.

Thank you, native, that was raised,

For what asked nothing in return.

What sorrow and joy, dividing in half,

Throughout the better life you wanted for us.

Beautiful, kind, cheerful and tender,

You us daily and eternally needed.

13. Will rustle and fly any trouble
As the spring sometimes rumbling thunder,

If you have it, if there always

The person that holds the house.

Maybe she's 33 or 73 –

How many more her age has nothing to do with it:

In anxiety, in cases from dawn to dusk

The person that holds the house.

Very rarely, but still happens ill

And then everything around upside down, upside down.

Because she because she

The person that holds the house.

We are somewhere takes rapid age.

In the hustle and bustle, we sometimes forget about

She is not the Foundation of she – man

The person that holds the house.

To be in the heart, and the house is bright,

For her kindness responsible good.

Let's always feel love and warmth

The person that holds the house.

18. In the land of good people a lot,
Heart people a lot,

And still better than anyone on earth — mother,

My mom!

Today we have invited you here to hear a Declaration of love from your children and grandchildren.

19. This word sounds the same

On various earth languages.

Whispers — a mother! — the baby is caressed,

Zadremal in her arms.

20. The first step and fall first

And through the tears, he mother calls.

Mother is the salvation of the faithful,

Only a mother will save from pain.

21. Become adults, become stubborn.

In a whirlwind of events and days

We store a mother's prayer,

But sometimes we forget about it.

22. We chase illusory happiness,

We are all busy, all too busy.

But in a dream in home we return

To touch the warmth of her hands.

23. To bow the head grizzled

And to her lips her fingers to press.

All understand, all endured,

You forgive their children, the mother

@@@The song about mom.

24. No fatigue without knowing

No peace — every hour

Day and night mother

All the worries about us.

25. We rocked, nursed,

Got a crib we sang,

First she taught us

Kind gentle words.

26. As Kruchinina, when we

Saddened sometimes.

How much joy my mom

If someone praises us.

27. How much suffering she was with us

And awards don't need her

One dream moms

About love their children!

Performed a concert room. Jaunty music. On stage the younger students. Readers fulfill the poetic greeting.

28. Love you, mom. For that, I don't know.

Probably because I breathe, and dream,

And enjoyed the sun and the bright day —

For it I you, dear, love.

In the sky, for the wind, for the air around.

Love you, mom. You're the best my friend!

29. Mother sweet, mother

Hug and a kiss.

I want to congratulate her

And to wish health,

Behavior fix

She want to promise.

I promise to be good

And less to break

Do only what you need

At home to help.

30. Dear mom,

We do recognize,

Which, of course, not always we

Well behaved.

31. We often grieve you,

Sometimes do not notice.

We you very-very much!

Be good to grow

And always try will



Many moms in this world.

All soul children love them!

Reader. Mother, mother! I remember your hands from the moment I became conscious of himself in the world. Over the summer, they always covered the sun, he went in the winter, he was so gentle, smooth, only slightly darker on ilocyh. But maybe they were rougher your hands, after all they've been through work in life. But they always seemed so delicate, and I loved to kiss them right in the dark ilocki.

I always remember your hands at work. I remember how they scurried about in the suds, washing my bed sheet when the bed sheet was so small that resembled a diaper.

I see your slightly thickened joints of the fingers on the primer, and I repeat it for you: "be-a".

I remember how quietly could your hands to remove the splinter from the finger of the son, and as they were threading a needle when you sewed and sang, and sang only for himself and for me. Because there is nothing in the world that would not have been able your hands that it would be for them, what they would disdain!

I kiss the pure, Holy.

@@@Sing the song.

32. Mom, thanks

For the fields family,

For bright sun,

The flowers of the field

33. For spring dawns
And night upon the moon,

For what I live

On this earth.

34. Thank you for your kindness,
Love and smile,

For the happiness

In a world so vague,

35. For all that I seek
In the shower save

That his life as well

To live with dignity.

36. Let's melt all the misfortunes
And shatter adversity.

We wish you all happiness

And don't let the old you!

1st presenter. Be successful!

2nd presenter. Be beautiful!

1st presenter. Stay healthy and patient!

2nd presenter. Be always young, happy

All. We love you very much!

37. Our holiday is already over,
What else is there to say?

Let me goodbye –

All health wish!

38. Be cheerful, healthy,
All give good light!

Come visit us again

And live to be a hundred!

39. That life did not burn you though
To from remorse not to cry,

For: never

Don't make mom cry.

40. There is in nature a sign of the Holy and prophetic
The brightly labeled for ages –

The most beautiful of women

A woman with a baby in her arms.

41. Let forever she applauds the sun,
So she will live forever

The most beautiful of women –

A woman with a baby in her arms.

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