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piano lesson "talking About music" 2018
2016-07-08, 10:48:22
A summary of the lesson in 1 class

Topic: talking About music

Objective: to Teach children to identify the mood and character of music

Course of the lesson: 1. – All music has its own character. It depends on what the music tells. If it's a song, the words help to understand music from the beginning, but the dance need to show people's feelings, joy and sadness. These two feelings we find in all works of art, including music.

- Now listen to the music that haven't heard about what tells this music? (listening Fun. Sad Beethoven's fragments.)

- What character in this part of the music? (a fun, happy, funny)

- And now what? (sad, pensive, sad)

- Now let's see how the music, what her mood (listening to whole)

- The composer was a musical idea that after the fun comes the sadness-hearing "Sad. Fun")

- Now what is the mood? That is now a music idea another? (the first sadness, then joy) .

- Listen to the music again and follow a musical thought for the third time (listening Fun. Sad. Fun") – After the fun, there may come a sadness, but after sadness will definitely return fun)

- You see, guys, how are music feelings and thoughts? Today we are tracked and understood the nature and mood of the music.

2. Learning the song "Our Christmas tree" music. Beketova.

Familiarity with the content, determine the nature of the music, learning tunes by phrases, the definition of the movement of the melody, work on the purity of intonation, learning 1 and 2 of the verse.

Summary of the lesson:

- Guys, you learned to determine the nature of the music and its mood?

- What was the mood when practicing the song "Our Christmas tree"? (joyful, playful, festive) .

- Who remembered the name of the composer, who showed us the music that after the sadness can come joy and Vice versa? (Beethoven)

- What can be expressed in music? (mood)

- Can we now say what feelings can transmit music? (Yes)

- It helps people understand each other? (Yes)
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