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lesson-concert dedicated to the International Day of music 2018
2016-07-10, 13:01:52
• To broaden students ' knowledge about music.
• To develop creative abilities of pupils.
• To encourage children to participate in extracurricular activities.

The course

Oh, the Music, brilliant stage!

The verses are heavenly sound.

Not a drop in you of cheating,

You're in the singing violin, harp and organ.

Your voice – dance, dance,

But the heart and soul – in nature.

Oh, Music, you here and there.

Salute you, about, Music, fireworks!

The song "Hymn to music"

Music is one of the oldest types of art. Like painting, theatre, poetry it is the imaginative reflection of the world. From the first moments of human life she enters his house with a lullaby of his mother, sounds in the street, in cinema, in theatre.

From morning till late in the evening we listen to music: making music gymnastics, sing in music lessons. Today, we are also dedicated to music – the Queen of all the arts.

- International music day established on October 1, 1975 by UNESCO. One of the initiators of the establishment of the International day of the music was Dmitri Shostakovich, composer-classic of the 20th century.

- Is celebrated annually around the world big concert program with the participation of the best artists and artistic groups. On this day, sound works, in the Treasury of world culture.

- International music day has been celebrated in the twentieth century. But with music familiar to mankind since ancient times. In the caves of Africa preserved cave paintings of long-extinct tribes.

- The illustrations depict people with musical instruments. We will never hear the music, but once she brightened the lives of people, made them happy or sad.

Music has tremendous power. In the world there are few people who are indifferent to music.

- Many composers have tried to Express through her as his soul. Their names are always great with gratitude will pronounce descendants.

Music does not age, she will live as long as there will be people.

We not only enjoy music but also learning a lot. After all, the music, the book, makes us kinder, smarter, better.

- So, today we will not only listen to music but also to show their knowledge, skills, talents.

The song "New day."

Music has tremendous power. In the world there are few people who are indifferent to music. Many composers have tried to Express through her as his soul. Their names are always great with gratitude will pronounce descendants. Music does not age, she will live as long as there will be people.

Poem /Kate V., Tanya T., Mary Z.

- Russian songs

Wings of Swan,

To the depths of the open heart.

In the evening of gold rowanberry
Music "Morning" by E. Grieg.
- Did you know that the first stringed keyboard instrument was called "English chess Board". Like chess, this ancient musical instrument was born in the East, and Europe, he was introduced at the beginning of our Millennium. Keys was oblong, and had a square shape and black-and-white coloring. The modern piano is equipped with a large number of strings. The first stringed instrument had only one string to produce sound cling a hook. A little later came the clavichord and harpsichord, the structure of which was attended by several strings. All the sounds on the harpsichord had the same power (it was impossible to play quieter or louder). After the Italian master was created by the piano. Now the power of sound began to depend on the force of impact. This is the only musical instrument, able to sound so different.

Music Symphony No. 6 W. A. Mozart.

- Listen: music around

It is everywhere – in nature,

And for countless melodies

She produces sound.

It serves wind, splash of waves,

Thunder, ringing Cappel,

The birds incessant warbling,

Among the green silence,

And woodpecker roll, and trains

Beeps, barely audible in slumber,

And rain is a song without words. All in one ringing note.

The song "Autumn knocked on the door to us"

One of the main features of music to bring people together. The language of music and the conductor's gestures understandable to musicians around the world. Musicians – the first messengers of peace. They connect people with understanding, respect, friendship and love. And you, dear children, make the world better. And let you will not become professional musicians, the main thing that music was so you need, like nature, friendship and love.


The top loop, bottom hook,

Standing at the beginning of musical lines.

The answer is here, friends, you Guessed who I am?

(Treble clef) .

Seven guys on a ladder. Play the songs.


- You need to me to sing,

Ear for music to have.

To better it sounded

Learn the words first. (Song)

- Who in the band all help?

Complex rhythm pounding he can.

The rhythm of any of the different countries!

Who is it. (drum) .

- This instrument has strings and pedal

Undoubtedly, it is clear, it black our. (piano) .

- Forte - loud

The piano quietly.

Who strums me?

Without error, without flaw. Well, of course. (piano)

- Partying musicians. Smiled the conductor,

Way in which we play

Called. (major)

- If in our play clouds

Pouring rain at full speed,

This lad is terribly sad

Called. (minor)

- The smooth movement of the bow lead to trembling of the strings

motive murmurs from afar, sings about the wind moon.

How clear sounds overflow, in them joy and smile

sounds dreamy motif, it plays (violin)

Thirty little guys

On the step stand.

And with a smile the day of the spring. All singing about birthday.

Voice, as the selection.

Supports children's.


The video

- October crimson leaf shook

And leaf winked.

And immediately, on the very first day,

Appointed a holiday, so not lazy!

Music day announced

He presented Shostakovich -

For peace in the whole world.

And approved, the date chosen weighty!

Let the music everywhere

And gives enjoyment to the people!

The song "the World that I want"

They float somewhere slowly.

They float

Over the rivers, over reaches,

As if they

The earth itself sings ...

And in the fields with the curly birch

Crazy winds

Dance in a circle.

- For weekdays

With them not to tired

For what holiday

They sure are fun.

Because in the mountain

I can sympathize,

They become family for people.

- They fly,

Funny and sad,

Without interrupting the lace thread ...

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