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A school-wide event "Dad, mom, I — sporting family" 2018
2016-07-09, 09:47:26
"Dad, mom, I – sporting family"

- instilling a love of sport;
- spending time of children and parents.

3 ball

3 wrap

3 rope

Target 9 tennis balls

3 gymnastic benches

9 boards

Gate 50*80 and a soccer ball

5 pins

3 buckets, 15 tennis balls, 3 broom

3 Daisy with 20 petals of different colors.
Good afternoon, dear friends. Today we are holding a contest – competition "Dad, mom, I – sporting family". At all times people aspired to a healthy lifestyle, wanted to explore the limits of their capabilities, not afraid to challenge the fate. And often came out the winner. And sport is LIFE, HEALTH, RISK, SEARCH, VICTORY.

So, it is time to present juried competition-competition "Dad, mom, I – sporting family" (submission, jury)
Today, none of the participating teams will be left without a commemorative prize. We have established awards for the youngest and the oldest participant, the most dexterous, the strongest, apt, skillful.
After each stage of the competition the jury will count the scores and give information about the competition. After the last contest, the jury will announce the final results of the competition. The winner is the team with the highest number of points in all competitions. In case of equal points, the Jury shall appoint an additional competition between the team captains.
Our competition starts. It involved three family teams.
The first contest VISITING CARD of the family teams. I have no doubt that the business cards of our teams is their charm, wit, skill and talent, hard work and, no doubt, the ability to present itself. So let's see who will succeed the best. The maximum score of 5 points.
The calling card of the team "Bumbarash"

Under March sounds out the team with chants.

Captain: Who walks amicably abreast?

Team: he's one of us

Friendly, brave crew!

(Turning to face the audience and erecting a human pyramid, the team says)

My mom, my dad and I

We are a sports family.

Physical education, sports friends,

The healer we do not need.

The calling card of the team's "Strongman"

(The chest - the logo is a Boxing glove. Singing)

You and I, Yes we with you,

You and I, Yes we with you,

Together we are a very friendly family.

The whole family is next

And wish other teams:

"All of you be happy, friends! "

You and I, Yes we with you,

You and I, Yes we with you,

It is important that we join hands we could.

If I lived all alone,

It has long pieces

Collapsed our school from boredom.

To be strong, healthy, skilled and courageous

We consider mainly a family affair.

The calling card of the team "Resilient"

(Ran out under the cheerful music in the hands of the balls)

Mom: sport – the best cure for the ailments!

Dad: Who is a patron of sport, he never grieves!

Child: If your family harmony,

So the family has a sports way of life!

All: I'm with the whole family

With the sun, air, water!

(release balls)

The SECOND COMPETITION: Relay race for teams"

When you go to assault you relay,

Victory for us is not very visible.

But still come to win,

All right, guys, no pen!

Stage 1: the Pope, holding between his knees the ball jumps moves to the Hoop, lays the ball and comes back.

Stage 2: mother runs to the Hoop, takes it a rope, jumping over her back.

Stage 3: a child jumps over the rope to the Hoop, puts the rope in the Hoop, takes a ball and returns ball to the team.

The winner is the first team to complete the relay and prevent errors.

The jury announces the results of the competition "Business card commands"

The THIRD COMPETITION "Relay throwers"

Invite the participants to prepare for the relay throwers.

Well, next game

Requires the player

Dexterity, ability,

Great inspiration!

(On the wall of the hall a target with a diameter of 80 cm Teams are built in columns one at a time. Each team gets 3 of a tennis ball. Each member of the team throws 3 times. One hit – 1 point. Teams throw at a time)

The jury announces the results of the second competition "Relay race for teams"

The FOURTH CONTEST "Race goals"

That's heavy balls,

It's obvious: strongmen.

Will his hands to develop,

The ball to each other to give.

(Team sit on the bench with his back to the audience and the jury. Captains give hoops. At the signal, players pass the ball behind you with both hands sitting next to a partner. When the ball reaches the last participant, he quickly gets with the ball in his hands, runs around the bench and sits in front of the captain. If a participant drops the ball, he needs to pick it up and continue the transfer. The transfer continues until, until all players will be in their places. The captain who performed the rush, sits on the bench and lifts the ball upwards.

The winner is the team with the best time.

The jury announces the results of the competition 3 "Relay throwers"


To get through the swamp!

But how to pass to feet not to soak?

The laughter, the desire to win

Will help you and guarantee success!

Each team of 3 plates. Participants will take turns moving on the Board until the level returned back Jogging. The winning team is the first to complete the crossing.

The jury announces the results 4 the contest "Race goals"


Guess what the name of the next contest.

I'll start, you finish,

Together, in unison answer.

Here ran much someone

And without the ball flew into ...

And Peter ball of the foot pop!

And landed the boy in ...

Laughing fun boy

On his forehead is growing big ...

But the guy bump uneasy,

Again, he runs for ...

A fun game of football

Already scored the first...

So, our next contest is called... FOOTBALL.

To participate in the contest, dad. At a distance of 11 meters from the start line to install the gates 50*80. Every dad's three attempts. Every ball brings one point to the team.

The jury announces the results of the competition 5 Swamp


Who is not afraid of obstacles?

Who to win so eager?

Who is stronger of them all?

Who the fastest in the world?

This dads and their children!

For participation in competition are invited dad and the team captains.

Dad is holding a Hoop. The signal dad has to roll the Hoop, and the child must slip into it with one and with the other hand. Reaches to the level and change places. The winner is the team that will handle it faster and without disabilities.

The jury announces the results 6 of the competition "Football"

The EIGHTH COMPETITION "Combined relay"

Running can be very different

But always so beautiful

Fast, slow and medium,

Steeplechase, hurdle,

And the winner is

Who is in no way behind.

Only passion, hard work

You to victory lead.

1. Jumping on one leg.

Overcoming gymnastic benches in length, lying on his stomach, grabbing both arms pulling the torso.

Five of jumping rope on the spot.

The rotation of the Hoop 5 times.

Hitting the ball 5 times.

6. Running back with creeping through a Hoop and run on the bench.

After captain the obstacle overcome all the other members of the team. The winner is the team that performed the first relay.

The jury announces the results of the competition 7 "With dad together"

The NINTH COMPETITION is "Competition of captains"

You look closer, friend,

The captains ' contest begin.

If you're brave, and clever be,

Sure we all won't lose.

Stage 1: the Captains knocked the ball pins. Three attempts. Count one where the pins are downed more.

Stage 2: the Captains run to the mark, putting both palms on pin back, holding skittles in his hands. (5 points, 4 points, 3)

Step 3: the Captains move his haunches to the mark, back back running. (5 points, 4 points, 3)

The jury announces the results of the competition 8 "Combined relay"

The TENTH CONTEST "Humorous race"

The interesting thing is the humor. Now we will make a humorous relay race, which involved the entire family. But first I ask one question to each team.

What is the name of the first female pilots.

How is the aircraft of Baba Yaga (*Baba Yaga - fairy tale character who is very afraid of children)?

What are the best friend of Baba Yaga.

Well done, well coped with the task. So, our final relay will be called "Baba Yaga"

Mom in the course of movement of the lays of plastic buckets 6 tennis balls and comes back.

The child jumps on the broom.

Dad with a broom collects the balls into the bucket. The winner is the team whose players faster will do the job.

The jury announces the results of the contest of captains.


I look at fans as they are actively rooting for their teams. So we can't avoid them, the competition for the fans.

Invited 5 fans from the team line up in single file.

Each team must collect the chamomile its color. (The eyes and the leaves are laid out colored side down. The first participant runs out, finds the lobe of the right color, the couches to the middle and back into place. This continues until, until you folded the whole flower) .

The team of fans that gathered the first flower, the team brings players 5 points, second – 4 third – 3.

While the jury sums up the humorous relay race, relay race fans and calculates the final results, before you dance group performs.

(If the same number of points the teams pull the rope)

The floor of the jury.

1 place

2nd place

3rd place

The dexterous team

The friendly team

The most cheerful team

Gifts to the fans (Candy) .

Thank you all for the attention

The enthusiasm and laughter,

For the excitement of competition,

Provided success.

Then came the moment of farewell

Will be brief in our speech.

You say: "goodbye,

To happy soon! "

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