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Holiday Balloons 2018
2017-07-28, 23:48:01
The script of the summer sports holiday "Celebration Balloons".[size=15]
To create in children a joyful mood, improve emotional background in children and adults.

• Increase the physical activity of children
• To develop attention, agility, speed
• Learning to be a team player
• Increase of interest to employments by physical culture.

Preliminary work:

• Script writing;

• Familiarization with the scenario of Tutors and participants;

• Selection of games and relays;

• Selection of the musical accompaniment;

• Preparation of inventory;

• Decoration of the site for the celebration.


Air balloons - the number of children, chips – 6 PCs., -3 PCs massage balls, gymnastic sticks – 3 pieces, markers -3 PCs.

Main character Ball Sarich made of a large round balloon with a painted face and attached the hands of the long balls.


Participants – children; Master – instructor of physical culture;

"Balloon Sarych" - music Director;

The audience – children and parents.
The course of the festival:

Sounds cheerful music, the children built decorated with balloons on the site before kindergarten.

Moderator: Hello guys! Today we have in the garden is not a simple day! We have a "Celebration Balloons"! Look to us for the feast came the guests!

The music from behind the screen appears the Ball Saric: Hello guys! I came to you from another planet, planet balloons! Guess my riddle:

I'm a big, but empty.

Fly in the sky above the earth.

Not proud, but inflated,

Thread thick entangled.

I with children has always been a friendly,

And I am called?

Children – "Balloon". (W. Bull)

Guys, you know, on my planet, all the balls doing morning exercises! And you do?

Children: Yes!

Ball Sarich: then show me how you do it. And I will do exercises with you!

Music is "do Sports". Children with instructor in physical culture do exercises to the music.

Ball Sarich: Guys, I came to you in kindergarten. I was told that in the garden all the guys are very brave, fast, agile. And to verify this, I have prepared for you job! Will be able to accomplish?

Children: Yes, we can!

Ball Sarich: Catch my first one!

Throws the ball with the task to children. The instructor catches the ball and reads the task.

Relay race "Pass the spiky ball."

Children stand in columns, first in the hands of the ball. Team tedious to pass the ball behind the standing child, passing it from hand to hand between the legs. When was the last a team gets the ball, it must pass over the head first. The winning team, where the ball will be faster with the first participant.

Ball Sarich: well Done guys! Catch my second job!

Relay "Jumping".

Children stand in columns, first ball squeezed between the knees. The team first jump on two legs to chips, take the ball and run the team. Pass the ball to the second participant, up to the end of the command. Wins the team who finished first.

Ball Sarich: well Done, everyone coped so well! I see You guys are funny! Love to run and play, and now it's time for all of us "Boogie-Woogie" dance!

Children and adults dance dance "Boogie –Woogie".

Ball Sarich: As You are all cool and fun dancing! It's so good when the next lot of friends! but my friends stayed on my distant planet! Me a little sad.

Moderator: Guys, let's help our guest and draw for an air friends!

Children: Let's Go!

Lead gives each team a blown bulb on a stick and felt-tip pen. The music, each child draws one item to get face.

Moderator: look at the Ball Saric, our guys drew you friends! What they are cheerful and good-natured. Now you too with your friends!

Ball Sarich: Thank You guys!

And I have another assignment for You! Catch!

Men's "Riders"

Children stand in columns. At first in the hands of a gymnastic stick with the ball. The team needs to get on the stick to chips, to round it and return to the team. Pass the stick to the next person and get up at the end of the command. Wins the team who finished first.

Ball Sarich: Well Done! What are you all quick! And You know how to perform tasks carefully and accurately?

Children: Are Able To!

Ball Sarich: Then catch a new job!

Attraction "Put the ball"

From paper of different colors cut out large circles and cut into small pieces. They are mixed, lying on the pavement. Each team needs to collect the ball the desired color. In advance to tell the kids the ball what color each team collects. Begin the music. One approach to cut the balls, take a piece of the right color and put in a designated place near their team. The winning team received a free ball first.

Ball Saric: How do you quickly and accurately did your homework! You are all so today I tried to help your friends, support your team! You are all great! Go forward, let's play a fun game! You love to play?

Children: Love!

Moderator: let's play a game "Fun balls".

The boys stand on one side of the court. and the girls on another. At each site are balls. The music need to throw all the balls on the opposite platform! Who will throw all the balls wins!

Moderator: okay, guys!All you have tried, so today we have won the friendship! And now let's dance!

Music, children dancing with balloons free dance.

Moderator: Guys, this is our holiday and came to an end, let's bid farewell to our guest and invite him to us again!

Ball Sarich says goodbye to the children and disappears.

Children say goodbye and leave the area.

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