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Informative and entertaining play "jungle" 2018
2016-07-08, 19:03:10
Goal. Educational: to expand the children's knowledge about animals living in the jungle, herbivores and predators, and to fix them.

Educational: to educate children in the spirit of competition, learning to yield to each other, to respect each other.

Developing: to develop artistic skills, to be more brave, clever.
Preparatory work.
1. To create a team, greeting (excerpt from the song, team name, motto.
2. Homework (drawing animals herbivores, or predators depending on the command name) .
3. The lead suit (hat, tracksuit.)
4. Tokens made of paper, cardboard, bones and bananas.
5. Newspapers with pictures of animals, names of teams, an invitation to play, illustrations.
6. Pictures, what to eat herbivores or carnivores.

Hello dear guys. Today, I invite you to participate in the game teams and learn a lot about life in the jungle.

I. Competition "Acquaintance"
Team "Monkeys", the cheer team... (sing what you want, verse 1) "In Africa, gorillas, crocodiles or large excerpt from the song "Island of bad luck".

Familiarity with the 2nd team.

Team "Tigers". "We are cubs brave, clever, skillful, love to jump and ride, no we can not catch up."

- Well done. And now on to the job. The winner gets a token, for example, the seed predators, the banana – plant-eaters.

II. The contest "Name it correctly"
Write on the leaves of representatives of the herbivore (1 team)
predators (2)
Herbvores Predators
Rhino Tiger
In this competition the winning team (herbivores and predators). Awarded to the winner (a bone or a banana) .

The score was 1:0.

Go to next contest "And you weak? "
- Guys, imagine that You are in a tropical forest.

Around us are palm trees, rustles the bamboo. And here we came to the swamp. The swamp is a place where every wrong step can cost you your life. But the bumps which we will move, we will serve the papers. First you need both feet to stand on a bump, and the other some distance put in front of him. Then to step on it, and the one that stood before again to move in front of him. Take the sheets of paper. At the expense of "one-two-three" began.

Thanks, the game is over. Congratulations to the winners. .

Hand banana (or bone) to the winner.

III. The contest "the Pet store" (built commands)
To say "That is sold in pet store" in order, one person (you can give the time and write on the sheets). Who will not be able to say, he will be the last.

Won so-and-so team. She gets a banana (or a bone) .

IV. The contest "Struggle for life"

In the jungle there are elephants, rhinos, tigers and of course monkeys. We magically transform them and will compete.

At the signal "one-two-three" we need to get on all fours and in a position to reach the finish line and back who is faster.

Attention... Go!

Bill : (on the scoreboard). Gets a bone (or a banana) so-and-so team.

It was a contest – training.

V. Competition "Who will catch up" .

Predators must (1 person) to try to catch up with the herbivores (for 1 person, and those to escape from them (jumping on 2 feet, holding the ball) .
Account :
A badge reward the winning team.

VI. Competition.
Ran, jumped, and need to eat. I need to write for some time (3-5 min.) that eat predators and herbivores that. Read answers.
In this competition the team won, she was awarded the badge.
While the jury evaluates the results. Each team tell what they learned, what they have learned (optional) .

Summing up. The awards medals and sweet prizes.

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