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Prevention and correction of flat-footed preschool children 2018 2018
2018-01-20, 09:53:43
Master-class "Use of non-standard equipment in classes on prevention and correction of flat-footed preschool children"

Relevance: The foot is the support, the foundation of the body, and its violation necessarily affects the formation of the whole organism. Inadequate development of the muscles and ligaments of the feet adversely affects the development of many movements, leads to a decrease in motor activity in general and can become a serious obstacle to exercise. Also, flat feet is one of the risk factors for postural disorders in children.


To improve the professional competence of teachers through teaching specific gaming techniques and exercises for prevention and correction in pre-school flat feet with the use of non-standard equipment.


1. To deepen the knowledge of teachers about preventive measures to prevent flat feet;

2. Teach children practical skills to maintain the health of the feet, strengthen the muscles of the feet through the use of games and game exercises.

3. Attach educators to corrective work in joint activities.

4. Create conditions for the prevention of flat feet in children in the group.

5. Educate the children's desire to be healthy.

Expected results:

• Improvement of pedagogical competence in matters of health savings. Incorporating them into the process of increasing the degree of motivation and interest of children in a positive outcome.

• Improving the health of children by stimulating biologically active points on the foot, strengthening the arch of the foot, increasing the level of overall performance.

• Forming children's persistent and conscious desire to preserve and multiply their health, expand their horizons.

• Increasing the degree of motor activity, strengthening the general state of the body of children by creating the necessary conditions for the prevention of flat feet in the group.


• This master class can be used in any preschool institution.

Directivity: correctional-improving.

Type: health-saving pedagogical technology.

Participants of the master class: teachers of kindergartens of the city and district.

Dear colleagues! I present to your attention a master class on the topic: "Use of non-standard equipment in the classes for the prevention and correction of flat feet in preschool children."

At present, the problem of prevention and correction of deviations in the health status of preschool children has become especially urgent. This is due, above all, an increase in the number of preschool children who have impaired development of the musculoskeletal system. And so the role of preventive and corrective work with children in the conditions of preschool educational establishment increases. Everyone knows that only a systematic implementation of preventive measures can give a positive result!

Successful flatfoot prevention is possible on the basis of the integrated use of all means of physical education - hygienic, natural-healing factors and physical exercises.

In our kindergarten for children with problems in the development of the musculoskeletal system is working circle "zdorovyachok." Exercises for the prevention and correction of flat feet, conducted with children, are selected in such a way that they strengthen the ligamentous and muscular apparatus of the lower leg and foot, contribute to the overall improvement of the body and the development of the habit of proper walking.

All exercises are conducted in a game form, according to the story, imitation of animals. When playing games and playing games I use non-traditional equipment: various sticks, handkerchiefs, ribbons, rings, "candies", toilet paper, pits, balls of various sizes, buttons, sandbags, bones, cork, ropes, braids, under mayonnaise, sultans, cellophane bags, cones, pebbles, rattles, twigs, cereals: peas, buckwheat, homemade hedgehogs, massage paths, etc.

Non-standard equipment allows you to fully engage in the improvement of preschool children; allows timely and effective impact on the formation of the musculoskeletal system.

I bring to your attention games and game exercises using non-traditional equipment aimed at strengthening the muscles of the foot and lower leg and the formation of arches of feet and correct posture.

These exercises are carried out barefoot in a comfortable environment for the child and do not require the use of specific equipment.

Similar games and game exercises can be included by children in independent motor activity, in joint organized activity, in morning exercises, invigorating gymnastics. They can be used as a component of recreational activities, as well as in the process of regime moments (before going to sleep, before walking, eating) or as individual tasks. Many game exercises allow the child to see the results of their activities, which is important for a child of preschool age.

In order to create a positive emotional background, it is recommended to perform game exercises for music, as well as apply poems, riddles. This helps to increase the interest and activity of children and, consequently, to better performance of game exercises.

Gaming exercise "Bring Do not Drop"

Equipment: bags with different fillers, bagels from kinder surprises, cloth pancakes.

On socks you have to walk,

Keep the object and do not drop it.

Children perform walking on their toes, hands to the sides on straight legs with bags on the head with various fillings, with bagels from kinder surprises, pancakes.

Relay with a stick
Equipment: sticks.

Sticks of the toes lift

And tell each other.

Children stand in line, shoulder to shoulder. The first child takes the wand with his toes and passes it to the next participant, not lowering to the floor. Complicated version: Two teams compete.

Relay "Let's build a ladder"

Equipment: the same.

We will build a ladder,

Wand the fingers to transfer.

One, two, three, four, five!

We will start again.

Children stand in line, shoulder to shoulder. Near the first child lies 7-8 rods. Children transmit one stick to each other, and the latter builds a ladder. Run the whole team on toes, not stepping on the rails of the ladder.

"Fold the pattern"

Equipment: sticks and a sample - a diagram-figure.

Wands take magic wands

And collect a beautiful pattern.

Children, standing barefoot, toes make a pattern on the pattern and pattern.

Game Exercise "Pile is small"

Equipment: sticks, pebbles, button caps.

A bunch not just you figure it out,

And on the boxes all the decomposed.

Children, standing barefoot, grab items with their toes from the pile and lay them in boxes.

Complicated option. Two teams compete.

Game Exercise "Loop Rings"

Equipment: sticks or twigs, rings.

Rings are different -

All the kids know this:

Rings with a stick remove

And consider carefully.

Children, sitting on the floor, bending their knees and pushing them apart, keep the feet together. The toes are taken by sticks, on one of them strings are strung. Remove the rings one by one or all at once with an empty stick.

Gaming Exercise "Eskimo"

Equipment: toilet paper and wand.

Children sitting or standing take a wand with their toes and put it on the edge of the decomposed toilet paper and try to wrap the wand with the right foot in toilet paper, then unfold it and repeat it with the left foot.

Game exercise "Confusion"

Equipment: roll of toilet paper.

I'll put it all together

Confusion I will.

I'll help my mom at home,

I'll clean everything up in the basket.

Children, sitting or standing, with their toes tear off a long piece of toilet paper and tear it into small pieces, and then collect them.

Game "Catch the little fish" game

Fish you find in the pond

Do not yawn - catch it.

Equipment: a box full of small buttons, covers.

Children, sitting or standing, catch from the pond with the toes of the "fish-lid".

Dear colleagues, you have got acquainted with a set of game exercises for the prevention of posture disorders and flatfoot correction in a pre-school setting, which provides for a comprehensive use of physical education that effectively allows a significant reduction in the number of children with postural disorders and deformities of the feet, since each of them affect the child's organism in different ways.

And in conclusion, I suggest that you go to the role of children and play a mobile game "Moth"

Purpose: strengthening the muscles of the trunk, upper and lower extremities, development of coordination of movement.

Here flies our moth, Running on your socks in the hall.

He is beautiful as a flower.

Wings waving, waving. Do sweeps with your hands.

The moth flew, flew,

On the flower sat quietly. Stand on the stick, the middle of the foot.

He sits, does not move,

So that the bird does not eat the baby!

Who did not have time to take a flower, he is out of the game.

The game continues as long as there remains one moth.

Dear colleagues, you have become acquainted with a mobile game that can be used to prevent violations of posture and flat feet. I thank you for the cooperation of the biologically active points on the foot, strengthening the arch of the foot, increasing the level of overall operability.

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