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Suitcase leader 2018
2018-05-11, 05:45:15
Objectives: in the form of a game show senior leaders how to teach teenagers to be harmonious and free social space, ability to see the features, pros and cons, understand their personality, seeking development, capable and to think and act intelligently to build relations with other people.

Game to explore the "Fridge" is held in the lap leading says: "my name isLena. I pull out from the fridge with lemon. "the second repeatsfor his first words, and then govoritpro himself last must repeat all the names of the leaders and what they getfrom the refrigerator. Presenter: and now I'll ask a few questions (all in turn meet)-what words comein the head when we talk Guide (essentially be?-what color the word principal?-As it sounds (what music sounds?-how it smells?-What is it?-to touch What it tastes like?-What weather (season) binds the Word?-who can be called the main (King) from animals, birds, trees, flowers, insects?

-Why you need a Chief? what does? Is it possible to do without the main (without organization and management?Build Participants divide by 2 teams. (within 10 seconds) the leading cotton clapping offersquickly build commands:-on hair color (otsvetlyh to the dark); — by alphabet (fromthe first letters of names); — on shoe size (otmenshego more); -on eye colour (fromdark to light); -hair length (otmenshego more); — by age (fromsmaller to larger) Leading looks, who beretna lead, givesthem to tokens


Participate team 2

team for this game, take the rope and tie the ends so that the ring was formed.(Length of rope zavisitotkolichestva participating in the game guys.) Participants stand upin a circle and come with both hands by the rope which is inside the circle.Leading opisyvaetzadanie: "Now all have to close your eyes and, without opening your eyes, without letting go of the rope, hand build a triangle".(a square, Hexagon, Star) (First voznikaetpauza and total inactivity, then someone from participants suggestssome variantreshenija: for example, pay and further build the triangle by ordinal — and then directs theactions. the practice of this game shows that usually these functions takethemselves leaders).
Rule of this game are simple: you go to the Hall in chaotic traffic, such as molecules, I call the number and you quickly obedinjaetes into groups, which must match the name.So, start: 5, 3, 2, 4, 7 (team divided into two teams with the same number of people)
to Share team.Each team is given a clean sheet. you want to paint a poster to any event and later vocalize it.I only invited to draw a poster and you put this particular person.For what qualities have chosen this man?
Castle in the sand 3 teams. all distributed plastic cups.You need to build anything, think of a name and protect your creation. Important condition: If everything collapses, make anew.Interviewer: who is the kind of leader? (Leader — leading, first going ahead, a recognized authority and wields influence, which is manifested as control action) interviewer: what is leadership?(Leadership is the ability and the will to lead to the same goal, surrounding and the nature that inspiresTrust)
Moderator: I want to finish our business game words Rosso feather (American billionaire): "lead and encourage your people.Don't try to control and manipulate people. you can manage inventory, but people need to lead
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