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Summer camp program with daily stay "Сhildren health town» 2018
2018-05-21, 00:09:27

Programme objectives:

• to create a favourable environment to improve the physical, psychological and social health of children of primary school age;

• nurture a love for their hometown, to his native land and the desire to bring him a favor;

• lay the groundwork for patriotism and citizenship junior high school students

Objectives: • involve children in various forms of physical work; • the development and strengthening of hygienic skills; • increased knowledge on health; • formation in children respect for its "small motherland»; • maintain and develop a sense of pride in their country, region, school, family, her outstanding achievements in the fields of politics, economy, science, culture, sports.• through a system of walks around the city to acquaint students with the native city and province in which they live, as a significant part of Russia; • foster a culture of behaviour; • development of creative abilities; • formation of tolerance
Principles of the program:
1. the principle of humanity: build all relations based on respect and trust to a man on a quest to bring it to success.
2. the principle of conformity of the type of cooperation the psychological age characteristics of pupils and type of leading activities: from the activities of an educational nature camp is a child and adult collaboration, which allowsWe camp feel like a creative personality.
3. the principle of democracy: the participation of all children in the programme for the development of creative abilities.
4. the principle of differentiation: differentiation of the summer camp will include:-selectioncontent, forms and methods of education in relation to the individual psychological characteristics of children; -the creation of the possibility of switching from one activity to another; -interconnection of all events within the framework of the orientation camp shift; -the active participation of children in all activities.
5. the principle of the creative personality: creative individuality is a characteristic of an individual, which most fully implements, developsyour creativity.

Output expected:
1. strengthening the children's health: adherence to diet; fortification of the body;
Organization of gamesand conducting outdoor activities; Welcome cocktail; visit inhaler and a swimming pool.
2. strengthening the immune system.
3.Development in children love to study physical education and sport.
4.Friendship and cooperation among children.
5. Developing creativity.
6. carrying out interesting and meaningful recreation in the camp.
7.Replenishment of the children's lives interesting events.
8. Creativity, initiative and activity of the child.
9. self-service skills.
10.The development of a sense of patriotism, respect for mother nature.

daily regime

8.30-9.00 Horn tubes: "Pora, Pora!Good morning children.
9.00-9.15 in order, all the guys stand on the charge!
9.15-9.30 Horn calls: it's time! It's time! At line, kids!
Breakfast 9.15-10.00 All over the table! Learn's time Than rich Cook!

Group, camp case 10.00-12.00 who's where, and who's Who in the movies, who in the garden!

Recreational events 12.00-13.00 Times came happy hour here playall we have
Lunch 13.00-14.00 at the table-a serious look, Prinaljazhem and show Our childish appetite!
Activities 14.00-14.30 Not missing in our collection.We sing, draw, dance, Master, know how to sew, All do good!
Care home 14.30 and now everyone: "Goodbye!" Tomorrow we will come again!

Work plan
1.06 (Mon.) 1. opening shift. Entertainment program "Worlddreams! " 2 health and safety training for inmates of the camp: "the safest way to camp" behavior on the road.3 Training Game "tell me about yourself" 4. learning of the motto, songs of the group.5. Hiking the City 2.06 (w.) 1. The ABCs of roads.Remember the rules of the road. Rules of conduct for public transportation. 2.Holiday concert, dedicated to the opening of the school camps "Hurrah, holidays!" No. 1 3.Pool. 4. Mobile games on air 5.Hiking around the city

3.06 (Wed.) 1. Conversation "nature of his native city» 2.Visit inhaler and 3 swimming pools. " Visiting the old man Lesovichka "-" conversation "take care of the nature of the ecological paintings Contest «my clean city. 5.Classes at the gymnasium of sports center "Impuls" 6. Hiking around town

4.06 (thr.) 1.Visit the House-Museum 2.Pool. 3. Chatting on the water safety Rules when visiting the pool.4. the quiz on the SDA "does not get trapped." Danger on the streets."Great skipping rope." rope Contests. 5.Hiking around the city.

5.06 (Mon.)

1.Health minute. " Cleanliness is the key to health.

2.Attention, mite!
3.Wellness exercise to prevent posture: "Rope", "Swing."
4. meeting with the composer
5.Hiking around the city 8.06 (Mon.) 1. Health minute. " Cleanliness is the key to health.2. Attention, mite! Prevention Crimean haemorrhagic fever.
5. Visit the inhaler and 9.06 basin (w.) 1. talk "Why hurtteeth» personal hygiene. 2.3 pool. " Travel distant lands»-excursion to Arboretum.5. Hiking the city

6.06 (Mon.) 1. Health minute."Cleanliness is the key to health. 2. tick!

Prevention of Crimean haemorrhagic fever.
4. competition of storytellers. 5.Hiking around the city

10.06 (Wed.) 1. "journey to the land of Vitamins.Nutrition Razgovoro. 2."Dialogues about animals"-quiz. 3. " Jungle "-playing program.4. visit the pool and 5 inhaler. "I live in a Quiz ... 6.Hiking around the city

11.06 (thr.) 5. Hiking the city
12.06 (Mon.)

1.Health minute. " Cleanliness is the key to health.

2.Attention, mite! Crimean haemorrhagic fever disease prevention.
1. Holiday koncert
3. State symbols. "quiz.
4. excursion to the station of young naturalists. 5.Hiking around the city
15.06 (Mon.) 1. "desert island"-playing program.2. The competition for the best Pathfinder (study of peculiarities of geography CMS) 3.Visit bassejnai inhaler 4. azbuka Prosmotrfilma road "5.Hiking around the city
16.06 (w.)
1. Quiz "signs on roads to us along the way will help.
2. Competition of drawings on asphalt.
3. Swimming Pool
4. Visiting the Museum of insects.
5. Hiking the city.
17.06 (Wed.) 1.General rules for security during recreation. 2. Pool and inhaler 3.Classes at the gymnasium of sports center "Impuls" 4. The living ethics.Game-competition "Turnirvezhlivosti". 5.Hiking around the city.
18.06 (thr.) 1. holiday laughter "-playing program.2. Hiking in the city 3. Visit the Museum of local lore "Magic basket", "nature of the native land".4. Swimming Pool 5. Hiking
19.06 City (Fri.) 1.Quiz on fire safety contest. 2. Pool and inhaler 3.Presentation on the topic: "Animals of the Stavropol region» 4. Personal hygiene and first aid (interview with honey) 5.Hiking around the city.
22.06 (Mon.) 1. Day of remembrance and mourning meeting with war veterans.2. the contest poems "Remember! Proud!" 3.Excursion to the places of battle glory. 4. Picture contest "my beloved motherland" 5.The pool and the inhaler.
23.06 (w.) 1. competition of folk songs.2. "Grandma's chest"-a contest of drawings of ancient utensils. 3. " Visiting Grandma Arina "Bethesda" respect your elders ".4. Swimming Pool 5. visit to play "snow white and the seven dwarfs, 6.Hiking around the city.
24.06 (Wed.) 1. Sport holiday.2. Quiz «my territory! " 3. Talk about the benefits of sport.4. Use of the pool and inhaler 5. Hiking in the city.
25.06 (thr.) 1. "our feathered friends". 2.Game for mad "Mysterious". 3. A visit to the Museum of the police.4. closure of the shifts. "



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