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Travel around the country of Health 2018
2018-01-12, 19:55:59
Sports entertainment: "Journey through the Land of Health" for children 6-7 years old

Purpose: to consolidate previousy acquired knowledge on the preservation and promotion of health.

This work can be done by yourself, for this you can use a salted dough (it can be made, I think, every teacher can) or dental material "alginate", you will also need a plaster frame, a plaster frame.

Our gift consists of a cast of a handle, a leg, the first nipple, a tag from the maternity home, the first rim, a glass butterfly decor. Children in sports form enter the sports hall, at the entrance they are met by a tutor. The children say hello.

Educator: Hello, guys! Hello, dear guests! I wish everyone good health! These words greet each other, cope with health. And are you healthy, dear children? Are you in good mood today? (answers of children)

I'm very glad that everything is fine with you. People say: "Healthy everything is great!" Because, a healthy person is beautiful, pleasant in communication and easily overcomes difficulties, that's why both adults and children should take care of their health. And now I invite you, guys, to make a merry journey through the country of Health, during which we will learn to cherish and strengthen our health. We set out on the road. Walking is very useful for health, therefore we will walk the first part of the way (music goes to the children in the column in the column one by one, on socks, hands by the head, on the heels, hands on the belt, walking in the half-squat, in full squatting, walking step walking, ordinary walking):

Nose - inhale

And the exhalation of the mouth

We breathe deeper ...

And then, march on the spot, slowly

One-two, one-two (walking on site)

So the walk was over

Dr. Aibolit runs in: "Wait, wait! Oh!

I barely had time.

In the fields, in the woods,

Through the meadows I ran

And he only whispered two words:

"Children's fats, kindergarten, kindergarten"

And here I am!

Hello guys! I'm a kind doctor, Aibolit,

The one who ill will heal

Educator: We do not have patients. All are well!

Aibolit: That's wonderful! Guys, what does it mean to be healthy? (answers of children). I learned that you are traveling through the country of Health, take me with you, I will be your guide.

Educator: Dr. Aibolit, we are very glad that you came to our rescue, are not you guys? Well, well, our journey continues

Aibolit: Guys, in order to become strong, dexterous, hardy, we need to overcome the obstacle course

1. Passing through the swamp (the children go through the "hummocks" (the circles laid out on the floor)

2. "The passage of the tunnel" (creep through the "tunnel")

3. "We will pass on the bridge" (walking on a gym bench, hands in the sides)

Aibolit: Well done! Everyone tried. Let's make a halt (we sat down on the carpet). I want to puzzle riddles.

1. Smooth, fuzzy

Washes cleanly.

What? (soap)

2. Bone back,

Abdomen - seta.

Fenched in the fence

All dirt has gone up (toothbrush)

3. Tooth, not biting

What is it called? (comb)

- Well done boys! Correctly guessed. Why do we need these items? (answers of children). Yes, all these subjects help people to be clean, and therefore healthy. And I want to introduce you to exercises for strengthening the respiratory system:

1. Exercise: "We inflate balls"

2. Exercise "Who is louder"
Appears Gantelkin (in sports clothes, in the hands - dumbbells).

Gantelkin: Hello, guys! My name is Gantelkin! I am very glad to see you in the country of Health!

Once or twice! Three four!

I will become stronger in the world!

I will perform in the circus,

Hippopotamus lift!

(doing exercises with dumbbells)

-Children, do you know why, will I become strong? (answers of children)

-What other sports do you know?

-What sport can you do in the winter? In summer? (answers)

-What helps all of us to become strong? (answers: physical education, sports)

-I suggest now to exercise:

Competition, guys,

We'll start with you with the charge.

Why do I need to charge?

This is not at all a mystery-

To develop strength

And do not get tired all day!

If someone is charging

Runs away without looking back -

He will not become nameless

A real strong man! "

Warm-up: "Repeat after me"

Aibolit: Yes, you were jumping together

And, probably, tired!

Children: No, do not get tired!

Gantelkin: Well, well, we spent the workout dexterously

We begin training.

For fun, for the sake of order

I'll guess the riddle:

"You throw him to the floor,

He will jump high.

Boring does not happen to him

We want to play it "

Children (guess): The ball!

Gantelkin: Guys, now we will hold the baton: "Who will give the ball faster?" (The children, standing in two ranks, pass the ball to each other)

Gantelkin: "To be strong and agile, we continue training"

-The next relay race: "Roll the ball with a hoop"

Doctor Aibolit and Gantelkin praise the children and offer to play the game: "Yes - no"

Aibolit: We ask you to give the answer:

Answer "yes" or "no"

To the microbes do not know

Children must be tempered. Yes or no

Children: Yes!

Gantelkin: Never to be ill, You have to sleep a whole day. Yes or no?

Children: no!

- If you want to be strong with sport, you must be friends

Children: Yes!

Aibolit: In order not to get sick in the winter,

In the street you should sing

Children: No!

- And from the flu, from angina

We are saved by vitamins

Children: Yes!

Gantelkin: You will eat onions, garlic -

You will not find a cold

Children: Yes!

- Do you want to become the strongest

Icicles start to lick!

Children: No!

Aibolit: Now it's time to say goodbye.

All I wish to temper

Do not get ill or get sick,

Athletes become!

Gantelkin: Guys, now while your dads and moms are monitoring your health, and when you grow up, you will take care of yourself. Remember, what is good and what is bad. Go in for sports! Be healthy!

Aibolit: And on parting, we want to give you a basket full of vitamins, so that you are always healthy and beautiful! (in the basket fruit)

Children thank Gantelkin and Aibrolite, say goodbye and leave for the group.

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