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Goal: familiarity with the effects of human influence on nature, environmental problems that must be solved at the present stage.
  • To acquaint with the consequences of human influence on nature, environmental problems;
  • To teach students to independently obtain new information, to operate it...
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    Columbus day (Columbus Day) second Monday of October
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    Christmas in the United States begins with the Northern masses in the night from 24 to 25 December. And then the festival is accompanied by a big feast. In General, the celebration of Christmas in the USA is very colorful, given that this country is multinational.
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    July 4 — independence Day, the birthday of the country. July 4, 1776.the Declaration of independence. In this day there are picnics, holiday parades, concerts, fireworks. Many people display the American flag (as well as in memorial day and other holidays). July 4, 1976, held a Grand celebration across the country, timed to the 200th anniversary of the Declaration of independence.
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    Thanksgiving Day
    This day is usually celebrated the eldest in the family with traditional food – Turkey, dishes of corn, pumpkin pie – these dishes were on the tables first colonists. Gradually arose a new tradition, such as, for example, writing a song. Since 1927 traditional parade in new York on Thanksgiving Day, organized by the Department store "Macy's" with the famous huge inflatable toys.

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    All US States

    lesson You will learn about the States of America. Of the fifty States forty-six are called by the word "state" (e.g., Colorado), and other four state – "community" (for example, the Commonwealth of Kentucky).


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