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All US States 2018
2016-07-03, 09:01:06

Teacher: today at the lesson You will learn about the States of America.

- Look at the map (map of the demonstration States the teacher).



- What do you see on the map? It depicts the fifty States.

Part of Congress may be new States. For example, in 1959, was adopted at today's the last state – Hawaii. Today one of the most likely candidates for the position of the fifty-first state of America is Puerto Rico.

All States in the US are divided into separate districts, the so-called used – administrative-territorial units that are smaller than a state and no less than the city.

Of the fifty States forty-six are called by the word "state" (e.g., Colorado), and other four state – "community" (for example, the Commonwealth of Kentucky). However, no symbolic differences between member States no.

D.C., which is Washington – the capital has a special status. -And now I will show the kratom pants, call it, and you follow it.



Later, the teacher calls three students and asks them to show the staff. For Example : Washington, DC. Children come to the map and show you. Then the teacher calls three more students, and shows a new state and requested them to show on the map.



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