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December 25 Christmas 2018
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Teacher: Hello, children. Today we have class. Talk about holidays in America.
- What holidays do you know? /children name/
- How you celebrate?
Listen to my rant about Christmas.
When is it celebrated? The teacher tells and the story that accompanies the slides.

Christmas in the United States begins with the Northern masses in the night from 24 to 25 December. And then the festival is accompanied by a big feast. In General, the celebration of Christmas in the USA is very colorful, given that this country is multinational.

For example, a lot of Americans whose ancestors came from Poland, before that time retain its tradition. Before Christmas they lay hay on the floor and under the tablecloth. It ought to remind them about the Inn, the stable and the manger where he was born, Jesus.

Although Christmas is one of the major holidays in the US, it began only in the XIX century. In addition, until the seventeenth century the celebration of Christmas in the New World was prohibited.
Spaces shall Shine
To meet Christmas the Americans are prepared in advance. Everyone is decorating their homes, starting with the doors, which are hung crown of tree branches. Throughout the house were hung with garlands, in the courts established figures of fabulous animals, Santa Claus and angels. Inside the house has to have a tree with colored balls and lights, which hide the gifts all family members.

Features Christmas table
On the festive table, the Americans are the traditional Christmas goose or Turkey, Christmas nixalite and ham. From drinks on the table, you can see the wine, whiskey or brandy. Compulsory Christmas drink Americans have eggnog. It is prepared from whipped cream, eggs and sugar. In the drink you can add cinnamon and nutmeg. Adults like to add to eggnog something alcoholic: brandy, rum or whiskey.

In the South, Christmas traditions United States involve the use of noisy fireworks. Early settlers congratulated so of their neighbors. Also it was believed that the thus expelled the evil spirits.

In Boston during the Christmas celebration traditionally held the festival of Christmas hymns. It is here more than 150 years ago was famous all over the world Christmas Carol Jingle Bells.

In New Orleans on the main street of the city having a holiday procession, which is accompanied by a large bull, adorned with ribbons and wreaths.

Christmas in USA is a good reason for shopping
In addition, the holiday season in America is also interesting because the beginning of mass sales. Americans love shopping just before Christmas. Since it is Christmas in the United States people give a lot of gifts, before the feast of Christmas, unfolds the whole industry. A month before Christmas to begin holiday sales. However, in the US not so interesting that people give each other as what they then do with these gifts. If before Christmas in stores razbirayutsya long queues for shopping, after Christmas queues are formed through what people submit to the stores most donated.

Where are you, Santa?
The first evidence of Santa Claus (the overseas equivalent of our St. Nicholas), we find approximately in the IV century. Santa lived on the territory of modern Turkey, he was known for his generosity and kindness. After his death the relics of the Saint were taken to Europe, there to popularize it among the local population. The Catholic Church has proposed December 6 to celebrate the day of St. Nicholas. In Holland the popularity of Nicholas was growing every year. Over time in the Netherlands he became known as Sterlas. It came from Holland, introduced in the 17th century New world with Saint Nicolas, who in America was transformed into Santa Claus.

A well-known image of Santa as Posnenkova good-natured old fellow in the red cousin was coined by the artist Thomas Nast and first published in early 1863, during the Civil war, which has not prevented Americans to remember about the spirit of Christmas.

Americans believe that Santa Claus enters the house through the chimney to leave presents for the children. But even the home in the absence of the chimney can be offset by another important attribute of Christmas – stocking. According to legend, St. Nicholas once walked past the house of an impoverished nobleman. In the house my grandfather saw stockings the daughter of the owner of the house. To help the family, Nicholas dropped down the chimney with bags of gold that were in the stockings.

In the heart of new York city the main Christmas tree of America.

In the United States Santa Claus gets in different ways. Traditionally he moves on the sled, which is pulled by reindeer. But Hawaii Santa travels on Christmas ship, and in California on a surfboard.

In America Santa Claus has two homes. The first room is Torrington (Connecticut). The settlement of Santa with his elves sort the gifts. Another Santa's house is located in Wlimington (new York), where is the village of Santa Claus and his reindeer.

In General, Christmas in the USA is fun, loud and bright.

Teacher's questions:
- When to celebrate Christmas?
- What customs in families at Christmas?
- Who is Santa? Why love children?
- Where is his home? What is he doing for Christmas?
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