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Thanksgiving Day 2018
2016-07-12, 19:59:19

Teacher: One of the most famous in Russia, American holidays is thanksgiving Day (Thanksgiving Day). Mention of it is familiar to us in Hollywood movies and television reports.

This holiday has its roots far back in the beginning of the story of the country – to the first settlers on the continent. The most famous story – the story arrived in 1620 aboard the "Mayflower" 102 the British colonists who founded the new land of Plymouth colony. Most of them did not survive the harsh winter of the new earth. The following year, together with the Indians, who taught them what crops can be grown on this land, they put a lot of effort in order to grow and harvest a good crop. In honor of this Governor of Plymouth colony William Bradford arranged a three-day carnival and invited the friendly Indians.

Since thanksgiving marks the expression of gratitude to God, family and friends for wealth good relationship. It is believed that the settlers brought this holiday from the celebration of harvest day in Europe. Over time the festival lost its religious significance, which brought him the puritans.

Of course, the first settlers had not thought to do a thanksgiving tradition. Thought about it two years later, after the colonists prayed for rain and got it. In subsequent years, in different States celebrated the holiday on different days, and then began to priurochte to military victories.

The celebration became official only in 1777, when the continental Congress announced its national significance and required the celebration of the 13 colonies. In 1789 George Washington proclaimed a thanksgiving Day celebration a national event with the exact date - Thursday 26 November. In 1863, Abraham Lincoln was determined to celebrate thanksgiving on the last Thursday of November, as celebrated at the present time.

This day is usually celebrated the eldest in the family with traditional food – Turkey, dishes of corn, pumpkin pie – these dishes were on the tables first colonists. Gradually arose a new tradition, such as, for example, writing a song. Since 1927 traditional parade in new York on Thanksgiving Day, organized by the Department store "Macy's" with the famous huge inflatable toys.
In anticipation of the holiday decided to do charity work and attend Church. Following the thanksgiving day is called "black Friday," when midnight starts the biggest Christmas sales.
Teacher: Children, what traditions your family celebrate thanksgiving?
            What kind of food the family for thanksgiving?
              Do you like this holiday?

The show master slides from a picture of the celebrations in families thanksgiving in the United States

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