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Priority : socio – communicative development.
Age group: 4-5 years old (middle group) .
Time: September.
The theme of the week based of calendar – thematic planning DOE: "Journey in the autumn forest" the Purpose of the NOD: a refinement and synthesis of the views of pupils about the characteristic features of autumn.
Integration of educational areas: language development, cognitive development, aesthetic development, physical development.

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The use of modern educational technology: research - experimentation.

Educational field of "Cognitive development", "Speech development"

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Synopsis educational activities on the topic:
"We'll dress the dolls for a walk" (Junior group)
Objective: encourage children's interest in artistic creativity.
Objectives: Educational: to foster empathy for game characters, a sense of pride in work done correctly.
Developing: to develop thinking, attention, language, fine motor skills.
Training: learning to distinguish seasonal clothes (summer, winter, carefully use the glue.

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