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For the manufacture of the Christmas Trees I took the tracing of the pencil. This Tree has become very delicate and airy. Cardboard black color I used because the kids are playing with the theme "Christmas Night". On it you can see the stars. And I decorated it in blue and white colors. The fact that working in the area of spiritual-moral education of children, I go through a lot of literature on this topic. And then one day I saw an article that said that Christmas Tree by the unwritten rules, traditions decorated in these colors. And a Christmas Tree – in all colors of the rainbow. And the white and blue are traditional colors of the holiday "Christmas" and the color of the virgin (respectively).

Anyway, a Christmas Tree and a Christmas and new year – is an integral wonderful characters the kindest, beloved, family holidays – New Year and Christmas!
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Soon the new year! As we all look forward to!
And,of course,is the main culprit of all the celebrations- Christmas TREE
Today I want to offer you to make this simple Christmas tree!

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1. Repetition of material to check the level of knowledge on the subject.

2. Summing up on the basis of the obtained results.

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the aim of the lesson

Create psychological comfort.

Introduction to the game situation, the preparation of children for lessons.
To organize children's attention, to create a game motivation.
Intensification of knowledge.
The development of logical thinking, connected speech.
The use of artistic expression as a means to consolidate the knowledge about water.
To clarify the children's knowledge of the fact that the water we all need and it must be protected.
The development of articulation.
To form the idea that water is a colorless, and milk white.
To form an idea that the water is clear, and milk is not.
To form the idea that water dissolves salt, sugar, coffee. Water can't dissolve Fig.
To form the idea that some substances can stain the water and some are not.
To form an idea about what steam is water.
Self-massage of biologically active points with the purpose of prevention of colds.
The use of animation as a means of learning about the water cycle in nature.
Prevention of visual impairment.
The use of artistic expression and theatricality as a means to consolidate the knowledge about the water cycle in nature.
The use of artistic expression as a means to consolidate the knowledge about the water cycle in nature.
To consolidate the positive results of the classes.

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Objectives:to introduce children to the concept of "reflection" to find items that can reflect.

Materials: mirrors, spoons, glass bowl, aluminum foil, new, balloon, pan, worksheets.
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to consolidate children's knowledge:
- about the time of year,about the properties of snow, wild animals (rabbit,squirrel,bear,about their appearance,diet.
- round shape,to develop the ability to examine items to determine the size (big-small,long –short);
-name colors (white,blue,green);
To develop :
-ability to group objects by one characteristic;
-fine motor skills of the fingers, and tactile sensitivity;
-children, enriching the dictionary.
-To maintain an interest in drawing at the die.

To educate:
-a sense of cooperation, autonomy, goodwill.
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Education: to instil in pupils the skills of drawing the leaves of the trees.
Developing: to develop spatial thinking, a love of beauty.
Educational: to foster interest and love of art.
For pupils: stationery, pencils, eraser, paint can with water, and brushes.
For the teacher: synopsis a visual aid.

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Program objectives:
- freeze, step, toe, step side (face in a circle and in a circle, pococi.
- to acquaint with the concepts of "aerobics" (rhythmic gymnastics, rhythm, "Olympics", aerobic exercise;
- create the ability to perform movements in accordance with a predetermined rhythm;
- to form an idea about the sport in the dance;
- to improve ability to expressively sing the familiar musical and rhythmic exercises;
- to develop cognitive and creative abilities of children, sense of rhythm, musical ear, expression, orientation in space, the emotional feelings among the pupils;
- to foster a culture of behavior in the classroom;
- to inculcate the interest towards dance, through new images in the dance (sport).
laptop, music, children's music.
The time and place of the event: gym
Children's clothing:
for girls – choreography swimwear, skirts, ballet Slippers,
for boys - shorts, white t-shirt, gym shoes.
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Objective: 1) to continue to improve artistic speech performance skills of the children in dramatization (emotional performance, natural behaviour, the ability of intonation, gesture, facial expressions to convey their attitude to the content of the literary phrase).
2) to Develop creative independence, aesthetic taste in the transmission of the image; clarity of pronunciation.
3) to Raise the skills of theatrical culture.

Material: carton (package); puppet theatre (for the fairy tale "the Wolf and the Fox" arranged by I. Sokolov-Mikitov); plane geometrical figures for the construction of a theatre; pictures to didactic game "Pick a backdrop for the hero"; card with the sentiment.
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1. Intensification of use in speech vocabulary on the topics "Colors", "Animals", "Transport", "Toys".
2. The repetition and consolidation of accounts from 1 to 8.
3. The development of the ability to find rhyming words.
4. Consolidation of previously studied English rhymes "Rain, Rain, go away", "Hikkory Dikkory".
5. Familiarity with the new lexical unit is an umbrella.
6. The development of listening skills, articulation, motor skills, memory, attention.
7. Exposing children to the sights of London.

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