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Objectives :
to introduce children to the basic color names in English
1. Developing:
– to teach children listening skills of the teacher;
– to develop skills of perception of foreign speech audio;
– to develop and maintain interest in learning a foreign language.
2. Educational:
– creation of conditions for communication in the process ;
– to teach children the ability to be respectful to each other.
3. Practical:
– activation of the studied structures in the summary statements on the topic;
– consolidate the material studied in the small dialogues, role play
– transformation of the material studied in a real situation.
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Goal: to acquaint children with the traditional holidays in the UK.
Tasks: training:
to increase interest in learning English through the game situation;
to continue to build skills in preschool children perceive the English language by ear;
to intensify in the speech of children lexical items in English on the topic: Halloween (Halloween, the Lamp Jack (Jack – o` - lantern, trick-or-Treat (Trick or Treat, Pumpkin (Pumpkin,Candle, Ghost, Witch (Witch,Serpent (Snake, Lizard (Lizard,Bat (bat, Spider (Spider);
to fix in speech through 5.
to develop communication skills, cognitive activity, attention, visual memory, visual-figurative thinking, phonemic hearing;
the emotional quality of children's curiosity.
continue to raise children's interest in learning a foreign language;
respect for English culture and traditions.
multimedia presentation "Halloween"; projector; computer;
the song "5 little pumpkins sitting on the gate; paper coloring "Pumpkin";
rubber insects, spiders, snakes; colored pencils; boiler.

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Step aerobics is a rhythmic movement up and down on a special step platform, the height of which varies depending on the difficulty level of the exercise.

Step aerobics develops mobility in joints, forms the foot arch, trains balance, strengthens the muscular system, improves flexibility, plasticity, restores vitality of the body, normalizes the cardiovascular system, helps to develop good posture, beautiful, expressive and precise movements, contributes to the harmonious development.

This technology does not require purchasing expensive equipment. Enough stepper bench, with a maximum height of 8 cm, width — 25 cm, length 40 cm, covered with soft leatherette which can be made with your own hands.
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We offer to your attention an integrated thematic planning in the younger group. Kindergarten. Planning for months. Every month painted classes.
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Very interesting work work in children of clay available for educators and primary school teachers a simple work made of plasticine that you want to cook in the house
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In our kindergarten was a competition "Summer fantasy" and we raised the question of what to do with your children. The preschool children have suggested lots of ideas and we liked the idea of making three-dimensional appliques made of corrugated paper and paperboard - sunflowers.
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I offer the option,that these flowers with ladybugs I want to decorate the fence and gate on your site because I have laselki will accept new children,it is necessary that all pleasing to the eye of the child and his parents
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Advice for educators "Commandments educator."
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Purpose: prevention of emotional burnout, teaching self-regulation skills and relaxation, creating a positive emotional state, prevention of neuroses.
The formation of a positive emotional state, with positive speaking.
Prevention of burnout through relaxation and self-control.
Prevention of neuroses through a positive a positive experience.
Learning the ways of health technologies.
Familiarity with the ideology of positive pedagogy.
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Description self developed the active learning method.

1. The object on which the method used and Educational activity
2. The class in which the method used - 1
3. Stage educational activities (lessons) - Organizational moment
4. Method name" Flower wishes".
5. The purpose of using the method - a Warm up before more complex tasks, creating a comfortable environment between children, the organization of mood, activation of the vocabulary of pupils

6. Number of participants - 14
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