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Objective: to Develop the children's interest in listening to the sounds of nature, using artistic expression.


1. Educational:

- continue to learn to perceive the surrounding reality with the help of musical images

-to train children in the expressive sound imaging

- To instill interest and love for music, folklore, fine arts activities;

2. Developing:

- contribute to the development of vocal skills, clear pronunciation of words;

- to stimulate the children's desire to move to the music, performing smooth movements with objects;

3. Educational:

-to enrich the emotional sphere of children through music, literature

Attributes and equipment:

Bell, Mus. center, Desk, glockenspiel, paper, brook, stones.

Arts & Crafts Kindergarten | Views: 841 | Added: Admin | Date: 2016-03-27

The abstract classes in the middle group "journey into the world of figures and numbers"
Software maintenance : develop cognitive abilities of children: the ability to find answers to problematic issues, to solve a problem situation.Continue to teach to group geometric shapes by shape, color;determining the location of an object relative to itself. To foster a love of mathematics.
Activation of mathematical vocabulary : big, smaller, small, the same.
Equipment :a letter is a mystery, a set of geometric shapes, bucket 3 colors, landscape the leaves, which are pasted bucket 3 colors and the rain drops, planar shapes of the houses, the characters of fairy tales, cut pictures.

Arts & Crafts Kindergarten | Views: 938 | Added: Admin | Date: 2016-03-06

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