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A walk in the winter woods 2018
2016-11-12, 23:56:49
to consolidate children's knowledge:
- about the time of year,about the properties of snow, wild animals (rabbit,squirrel,bear,about their appearance,diet.
- round shape,to develop the ability to examine items to determine the size (big-small,long –short);
-name colors (white,blue,green);
To develop :
-ability to group objects by one characteristic;
-fine motor skills of the fingers, and tactile sensitivity;
-children, enriching the dictionary.
-To maintain an interest in drawing at the die (pattern stamp)

To educate:
-a sense of cooperation, autonomy, goodwill.
The course of educational activities.

Music sounds, children are in a group and sit on chairs!

Teacher: Guys, listen to a riddle:

Swept paths, painted Windows,

The joy the children gave and the sled ride!

What time of the year is now staying with us?

Children: Winter.

Teacher: that's Right, winter. How did you know that winter has come?

Children: the street was cold, the sun warm, the sky dark clouds, the wind is blowing, the birds flew to warmer climes.

Teacher:come on, a song about the winter sing!

The song "winter-winter"

Teacher: Look out the window, enjoy the winter!Lying on the ground,on the roof?


Teacher:And what is snow?


Teacher:Guys,do you know poems about snow?

1 the child tells a poem.

White fluffy snow,

The air is filled,

And land softly


Educator. Beautiful on the street?

Children. Yes.

Educator. Have you ever been in the winter in the woods?

Guys, you want to look nice in a magic winter forest? (answers of children). In the winter, and in the present and in the fairy forest, very cold. Guys need to dress warmly (imitation of putting on warm clothes). Ready?

Children: Yes.

Teacher: Let's close our eyes and imagine that we were in a winter forest, take this basket will come in handy (Children close eyes). Everything white. Quietly the snow falls on trees, houses, and land on your cheeks, nose, hands. The silence around. TALE DOORS OPEN, WE LET THE MAGICAL FOREST. Open your eyes. Well, nice in the winter woods?

Children: Yes.

Teacher: so we came to the forest clearing in winter forest. Let's see what trees grow in the woods? That's right, the Christmas trees. What color? (Green). Around snow. And who's that hiding under the Christmas tree (children find a squirrel). Caregiver greets on behalf of Whites with children. Consider it, answer the questions: Read the poem:

Squirrel climbing mistress

Protein jump is not afraid,

Not a big squirrel's growth

And a very fluffy tail.

He loves to eat squirrel? (nuts and buds) Let her treat (pulls out the baskets first the nuts, then the bumps, consider them: nuts - smooth, round, and bumps - not smooth, rough) .

Caregiver: Look, guys, under the Christmas tree because someone else hid. Find two bunnies. Reading of the poem:

Ears on top

Forest animals

You know not.

It's a gray ... (Bunny) .

The children greet them, examine, compare big and small birds, seated on stumps.

Educator. Guys,but our bunnies don gray,and white. Why did they become white?

Children. They changed the winter coat.

Educator. And why should they a white coat?

Children. To the Fox and the wolf didn't eat them.

Teacher: "What do rabbits eat"

Children: Carrot.

Teacher: Carrots we have are also different. What? (large, small). Treat carrots large rabbit - large carrot, small - small. Guys like happy Bunnies.

Educator. Guys. and the bunnies want to play with you.
physical a minute

The game "Bunny white sitting".

The children thank the bunnies for a game and say goodbye to them. They go further in the woods.

Then the teacher draws the children's attention on the snow under the tree and reads a poem. (whisper)

On the tree - snow,snow,

And under the tree-snow,snow,

As on the hill-snow,snow,

And under the hill-snow,snow,

And under the snow sleeping bear:

Hush,hush!Not to make noise.

Educator. Guys who sleep under the snow?

Children. Bear.

Educator. What's the name of his house?

Children. Den.

Educator. Guys,we bunnies,and squirrel was treated. But no bear. Tell me what bear likes to eat (honey)I Have a jar of honey,but how we give,because the bear is sleeping?

Let's leave at the entrance to the den, the bear wakes up in spring,will be delighted.

Educator. Guys,let our bear sleeping in the den,and we will go further.

Cold in the winter woods? Animals too cold. You have mittens on the handles,and they do not. We let them donate mittens,but we need to get back to our group and to draw a beautiful mitten.

We close our eyes.

The teacher pronounces the words.

Tale door open.

In kindergarten we return.




V. Children,where we visited?

Q. Who was seen in the winter forest

V. You enjoyed our walk?

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