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Applique "Ship" 2018
2016-06-04, 23:16:58

The types of child activities: games, productive, communicative, and cognitive research.


to teach children to connect the parts according to the model and show a teacher, is to Teach exactly cut rectangular objects along the lines - markings (cf.) . To develop motor skills, memory, speech and imagination of children.

Expected results:

interested in fine children's activities; actively and benevolently interacts with the teacher and peers in solving games and cognitive tasks. Owns, in accordance with the age of the main movements and shows interest in finger games and physical exercises.

Materials and equipment: colored paper, scissors, glue stick, sheets of white paper, ready sample of an application on  the topic.

The content of the organizational activities of children.

1. Organizational moment.

Guessing riddles: Walking giant city

To work in the ocean. (Ship) Conversation about the ship, relying on his image .

-What looks like a ship?

-Who drives the vehicle?

-Where go the ships?

-The big - ship and small... .(the boat) .

2. Applique "Ship".

From cut pieces of children constitute the boat and glued it on a sheet of paper.

3. Finger game "Captain."

I'm riding on the white boat (the ends of the fingers to send forward

The waves with pearl foam. press hands palms to each other,

I, the brave captain, slightly open.Reciting the poem,

I am not afraid of the storm. To show how the boat is swinging on

The waves, and then flowing movements

White gulls circling, hands – the waves themselves. Then the text is

Wind is also not afraid. verse show a Seagull, with arms crossed,

Only scares the bird Creek connecting the palm and back side

A flock of Golden fish. To wave their fingers clenched together.

Palms with straightened fingers

And having visited the wonderful country, pressed against each other to portray

Looking at the oceans, the fish Flowing movements of the palms

The traveler – hero, to show how fish swim in the water.)

To mom I get home.

4. Reflection. Children paste their ships on a painted sea and consider them.

To organize an exhibition of children's works for parents.

Must try!

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