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Christmas Tree 2018
2016-12-04, 13:52:20
For the manufacture of the Christmas Trees I took the tracing of the pencil. This Tree has become very delicate and airy. Cardboard black color I used because the kids are playing with the theme "Christmas Night". On it you can see the stars. And I decorated it in blue and white colors. The fact that working in the area of spiritual-moral education of children, I go through a lot of literature on this topic. And then one day I saw an article that said that Christmas Tree by the unwritten rules, traditions decorated in these colors. And a Christmas Tree – in all colors of the rainbow. And the white and blue are traditional colors of the holiday "Christmas" and the color of the virgin (respectively).

Anyway, a Christmas Tree and a Christmas and new year – is an integral wonderful characters the kindest, beloved, family holidays – New Year and Christmas!

I suggest You master class on making this Tree.

Accordion-fold the rectangles and bend them in half.

Glue them descending on the inner side of the postcard.

Decorate at will.

Now our beauty has a little sister!.

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