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Christmas tree made of candy wrappers 2018
2016-12-04, 13:21:13
Soon the new year! As we all look forward to!
And,of course,is the main culprit of all the celebrations-Christmas TREE!

Today I want to offer you to make this simple Christmas tree!

For its production will need :a lot of wrappers from chocolates.

I think that all kids (if not all, many) sweet tooth! So,the wrappers should not be!

Cut from wrappers squares 3-4 sizes.

For the base I took a piece of foam (can be anything - clay harvesting from kinder surprise, just any cork or lid,a skewer for the base of the tree (you can replace the wire and a few beads.

Securing the skewer, start in that order to thread the wrappers (specially on show contrasting paper,to make it clear)

Then decorate the top (you can decorate –as guided fantasy)
Here is a tree obtained

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