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Designing with children in middle age, using the unconventional material of the candy wrappers "Caterpillar" 2018
2016-05-15, 16:32:52

Objective: -to Make children crafts caterpillar;

-to continue to acquaint children with a variety of insects, the beauty of the world around us; to introduce with non-traditional material to work with - full of candy wrappers.

-to develop aesthetic taste, sense of composition, the ability to choose the right color;

- develop fine motor skills of hands;

-to consolidate the basic techniques and methods of work with clay (rolling, flattening, prosivane, etc.).

Materials: candy Wrappers of different colors, cardboard color green, clay colored, circles of yellow paper to the muzzle of a caterpillar, felt-tip pen in black.


Teacher: Children, today we have unusual lesson, we received a parcel view, what's in it?

Teacher: Right it's candy wrappers, it's rubbish?

Children: Yes

Teacher: Yes, I agree with you, but today we will be wizards and debris to turn into magic paper, from which we get beautiful work.

Teacher: And now let's play with candy wrappers.

1 Lay out the wrappers by color.

Goal: to continue to strengthen the knowledge of the basic spectrum colors. R

2 Find the wrappers that rustle, rustle.

Objective: to Develop auditory perception.

3 Roll out one or two wrappers bulb, folosite in front of you, dial the air through the nose and exhale through the mouth, blow the wrapper (repeat 3-4 times) .

Goal: to develop children proper breathing.

Teacher: Guys, listen to the riddle.

Though has many legs,

Still can't run.

Along crawling on a leaf,

Poor eats the whole leaf.

Teacher: Correct this is the caterpillar...

Let's look at caterpillars.

Conversation in pictures.

1 What color is the caterpillar?

- they are colorful

2 caterpillars of this butterfly?

is a butterfly larva, which eventually become a butterfly.

3 What to eat caterpillars?

- plant food

4 Why did nature need the tracks?

- They are food for many birds.

Visminda "Caterpillar"

Goal: aims at the coordination of speech with movement, development of creative imagination.

This strange house with no Windows (Kids are lying on their backs, stretched out, hands along a trunk, feet in the center of the circle.)

People called "cocoon".

Sviv on a branch of this house (Turn over on your left side, put one hand underneath his cheek.)

Caterpillar sleep in it. (Flips to the other side, a hand under his cheek.)

Sleeping without waking up all winter. (Roll over on your back, stretch out lying down.)

But winter had passed –

March, April, drops, spring... (Slow down.)

Wake up, sleepy - sun! (Stretch out while sitting.)

Under the spring sun bright (Stand up, stretch while standing.)

The caterpillar can't sleep — (Run in circles, waving their arms like a butterfly.)

Turned into a butterfly she is!

Teacher: Today, we of our wrappers by magic will produce unusual caterpillars, and they are unusual because we do them not out of paper, and wrappers...

(The teacher in advance cuts out the wrapper circles the same size)

Practical part:

1 using clay will make the eyes, nose and mouth of our tracks.

Take 2 circles of wrappers of different colors and form the body of the caterpillar.

3 With a black felt-tip pen will draw feet.

4 Our beautiful, colorful caterpillars ready!

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