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"Draw space" Abstract 2018
2016-06-02, 19:50:08

Goal: Familiarity with non-traditional drawing techniques with the help of candles and wax crayons.

Goal: Familiarity with non-traditional drawing techniques with the help of candles and wax crayons.
I. the exploration of space began with the most ancient times, when man was just learning to count by the stars, pointing out constellations.
Stars, stars, for a long time
Chained you forever
Man's greedy eyes.
And in the skin of a sitting
Near the red fire,
Intently into the dome blue
Could look it up in the morning.
And stared in silence duty
Man in space night —
Then with fear,
Then with enthusiasm,
Something with an uncertain dream.

And only just four years ago, after the invention of the telescope, astronomy began to develop rapidly bringing in science with new discoveries. The 17th century was a transitional century for astronomy, then began to apply the scientific method in the study of space, through which opened the milky way and other star clusters and nebulae. Since the late 19th century astronomy has entered a phase of numerous discoveries and achievements, major breakthrough of science in the 20th century was the launch of the first satellite into space, the first manned flight into space, output space, the landing on the moon. The first conquest of space man was flying around the globe by Yuri Gagarin on the spaceship "Vostok-1 on 12 April 1961.
In the space rocket
Called "the East"
He was the first on the planet
Climb to the stars could.
Sings a song about it
Spring thaw:
Forever will be together
Gagarin and April.
For the first time in the reality of the flight to the far worlds of humanity believed in the late 19th century. It was then that it became clear that if the aircraft to give the necessary to overcome gravity speed and keep it sufficient time, he will be able to go beyond the earth's atmosphere and to gain a foothold in orbit, like the moon revolving around the Earth. And now space is well understood, spacecraft free to move in space, avoiding many space objects. On the spacecraft carried out a great scientific work, thanks to the astronauts, we have an idea of what it looks like space, various space objects. Many of the photos were taken in the open space. Let's see how extraordinary space, which he's mysterious, he captivates with its beauty.

II. In class today we will learn how to depict space, its unusual cosmic body, planet. This will help us to paraffin candles, oil or wax crayons. First, we need to think what you want to portray, drawing with a pencil. Then a candle or crayon to trace the outlines, shaded part of the object or the entire object if you want it to be left entirely white. If you want to portray of stars and fireworks, apply multiple points of candles nearby and at some distance. When drawing candles and crayons are finished, you are ready to fill the background with watercolors. Paraffin wax repel water, water with them slipping, so the paint does not lie in the places where you drew the candle and chalk that are white or bright colored spots.
III. The practical activities.
IV. Exhibition of children's works.

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