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Drawing the leaves of the trees 2018
2016-11-06, 14:36:34
Education: to instil in pupils the skills of drawing the leaves of the trees.
Developing: to develop spatial thinking, a love of beauty.
Educational: to foster interest and love of art.
For pupils: stationery, pencils, eraser, paint can with water, and brushes.
For the teacher: synopsis a visual aid.
Lesson plan

I. Organization of the lesson.
1. Greeting

Hello guys today the art of art you will hold me. My name is...

The bell rang

We begin our lesson

Will fine arts be studied.

2. Check slave. places

Let's see if you were ready for the lesson: paint, sketchbook, pencil, eraser, brushes, a jar with water.

3. The message of the topic and lesson objectives.

In class today we are going to paint the leaves of trees.

II. Introductory talk.
1. Reading of the poem (conversation)
Listen to the poem and think about what time of year is described?

"The sad time! Eyes charm!

Pleasant to me your farewell beauty!

I love the lavish withering of nature,

In crimson and gold-clad forests."

What time of year is described?

That's right, folks.

What month is it on the street?

2. A story about autumn

Here and it was a warm summer. The autumn came. Become days become shorter and the nights colder. October – the Golden autumn. The leaves of the trees turned yellow and red colors.

3. Planning of work.
Now we are going to paint the leaves of trees. To do the work needed on the entire sheet.

Place the sheet vertically.

Our work will consist of the following stages:

First, make a pencil sketch

Next, specify a line drawn contours.

Paint over the drawing with watercolor.

III. A practical part.

1. Explanation of implementation of practical work.

So, you have to place the sheet vertically:

- look at the Board, I will show you the sequence of operation.

- take the line, draw a small horizontal line.

next, draw a vertical line more horizontal. Next, the top and bottom of the line draw a horizontal line, small size.

- after you draw out the outline of the leaf, erase the extra lines, add a stick, draw on the sheet a vertical line and branches on the line, painted sheet of watercolor paint. (now all 3 of the worksheet explain)

2. Securing execution of practical work.

Let us repeat that and in what sequence will do the job.

3. execution of practical work.

I walk around the class and help students.

IV. The end of the lesson.

1. Exhibition of the best works.

Let's see your work.

These works are very good (on the Board there are the best works, explain why good).

2. Analysis and evaluation of work.

All the lads all did very well.

3. Generalization.

Guys, tell me what we today learned to draw. (leaves)

All turned out?

You like to draw?

V. Organization on the way out.

1. Cleaning places.

Let's get on with their jobs. Gather your brushes, paints, empty the water jars.

2. Withdrawal from class.

Here endeth the lesson. Goodbye.

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