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Drawing the sun 2018
2018-04-29, 16:00:22
• To arouse children's interest to the image spring sun;
* Learn to combine different shapes and lines in one image: draw a large circle and several straight lines-rays;
* Exercise children in drawing with a brush (draw with all the pile, move in a circle and in different directions);
* Develop children's imagination and interest in drawing
* To give children the joy of close communication with paints and the use of non-traditional methods of drawing.

Materials: yellow gouache, brushes, sheets of white paper, napkins, water bottles; pictures of the sun.

Preliminary work: reading fiction: learning poem "the Sun", conversation, watching the sun, moving game " the Sun and the rain."


Tutor: - Guys, listen carefully and guess my riddle:

Who in the morning before everyone gets up.

Who is all warm and the light gives?

Who, radiant, bright light

Run through the subjects?

Beam hot release,

Our land covers?

If we glance out the window,

All, as in fairy shines!

Children: - The Sun Shining!

Teacher: - Right, is the sun. - Tell all together (the sun shining, the sun)

Tutor: - Guys, let's repeat the verse of Agnii Barto " the Sun»

Looks the sun shining in window,

Shines in our room.

We clapped our hands.,

Very happy the sun!

The teacher shows several pictures depicting the sun. Children carefully consider them.

- Guys, what is it? (Solnyshko.) Correctly. In the spring sun warms the earth becomes warmer. Look at the sun. What color is it? (Amber.) What does the sun form? (Round.) And the rays have on the shape, length? (Straight, short.) Let's draw a cheerful sun, and in the group will immediately become lighter and warmer.

Educator: before you start painting, I suggest you play a little.

Finger gymnastics.

Morning red time come

The sun a clear rose.

Steel beams Shine

Small children to amuse.

Flew in clouds -

Hid all the rays.

Teacher gives children sheets of paper and shows the sequence of drawing:

Draw, children, circle, (Draws circle yellow paint.)

Lots of sticks around. (Circle draws a short straight line.)

That sun shines! (Smiles.)

Children begin to draw, the teacher monitors the performance of the task. Helps in case of difficulty.

Children together admire and consider work.

And finally, the sun wants to play with you.

Is conducted round dance game "the Sun shining" (with multicolored hoops. A leading - "the sun shining" is moving in circle. The host lays out colored rings on the floor, children form small circles around them. The facilitator collects the rings, the children form a single circle).

The sun, the sun,

Take a walk by the river.

The sun, the sun,

Spread the rings.

We will collect the rings,

Gold take,

We'll go out and play

We'll give you back.
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