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drawing unconventional technique "Journey of a droplet" 2018
2018-02-18, 17:38:52
Purpose: to develop children's interest in drawing in many ways.

Guys today we have with you is not an ordinary drawing. Look at your tables. What's new has appeared on them. Today I will tell you a fairy tale. Listen to this. There was a droplet. (showing on the sheet). It could be of different colors, and that's why I changed my clothes every day. Once she was bored. I thought she thought and thought of going on a trip. And as I did not know. She looked at the table and saw a tube. And she says to her, "Let's be friends." "Come on," answered the pipe. But as? Ask the children (what can I do). "Let's blow you, and I'll travel."
So they did. Drove went along the path first she saw a flower clearing, then tall trees, a lake, the sun (all you want). And so she liked her journey, that they now never part with a tube. And they travel every day to different places. Do you want to travel with a droplet? Each of you can come up with your own story "The Journey of a Droplet." After the termination of work we listen to children. You liked our journey.

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