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Easter souvenir 2018
2017-04-08, 19:53:38
One of the Souvenirs of the Easter tradition is the egg. With children 6-7 years we made them from dough. And then we made a festive necklace.

You will need:

- wire;



-paper napkin with pattern;

- in the form of eggs;

- dough;

- ribbon;



-flowers decorative;

-tight thread color.

First make the base – an egg, make it from the dough and use to decorate cloth. Then wire make the oval, wrapped around the foam and decorate with twine, but you can also use the thread "grass". Next, prepare the oval decorate with beads, sequins, flowers, with colored thread. Then take the glue and glue the egg to the base and attach a ribbon, tied in a bow.

Here and ready our souvenir.
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