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"Festive attire for owls" Abstract classes of an application in the preparatory group 2018
2016-06-04, 23:31:14


Abstract classes in an application in preparatory group


• To teach children to make three-dimensional application of geometric shapes, correctly transmitting their relative value

• To consolidate the ability to transform a rectangle into squares and to carve out of them the same details

• Fix the ability to paste items in increasing order of their number (triangles) and reduce their size (circles)

• Continue to learn nice to have the details on a sheet of paper

• To develop the skills of careful and careful attitude to the material.

Materials for the lesson

• Sheets of cardboard of different colors

• Strips of paper red, yellow, green, blue, purple or pink, with markings of triangles

• Rectangles blue, pink, white, orange, black

• Scissors

• Napkin

• glue

The progress of the class

     We gathered once the birds began to boast about who's got the outfit with bright and beautiful. They pranced around on the branches, displaying his plumage. Bullfinch was showing his red breast, woodpecker – and his red beret, black vest, titmouse boasted the green shirt and the black tie, only the owl could not boast of such bright feathers.

- Guys, let's help the night owl, at least for a time, become the most beautiful bird and make its feathers bright.

- Remember what they look like all the birds?

(has a head, torso, tail, wings, eyes, beak, feathers, two legs)

- What distinguishes owl from other birds?

(large head, large eyes, which are located in the front of a night bird)

- I'll show you how to make the bird's body. To do it will of the colored triangles. Work will be performed from the bottom of the sheet. You need to recede a little from the bottom edge and glue the red triangle in the center with the pointy end up. Then take two yellow triangle, adhesive plasters strip opposite the acute angle and glue them on sharp corners down so that the red triangle was between them and the sharp corners were not glued. In each next row the number will increase by one. So we get a three-dimensional torso.

- Now we need to make the head. All the rectangles folded in half.

- What geometric shapes did? (squares)

- Cut out circles of them. Next, take the two large circles and glue them to the triangles so that the circles touch each other.

- Collect the rest of the circles on large circles descending like a pyramid. Make a triangle beak.

Securing the execution sequence of work.

The p. T. break

Flying owl – large head. Running in a circle

So she flew, flew, Flapping straight arms to the sides

On the sides looked, the Circular turns of the head

Song sang Bending forward, arms back

And flew again, Easy run

The branches moved apart, Throw hands in front of chest through the middle

To work invited. Sit down at the tables

Independent creative activities of children. Remind about correct working with scissors, using a napkin, careful work with glue. Help are struggling.

As you progress, work posted on the Board.

Our birds are ready. Now the owl is definitely the most bright and beautiful in the woods.

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