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flower of strips of paper 2018
2018-02-11, 03:40:01
Master-class "Beautiful flower from strips of paper"

Good afternoon! I propose to make with your children a beautiful, three-dimensional flower of paper with your own hands.

The purpose of the master class: to teach children to do bulk artifacts from colored paper with their own hands.


Colored paper,




Cocktail sticks.


Fold a sheet of paper three times in length in half.
Expand, cut into folds into eight strips two and a half cm wide.

Fold the strips together. Slightly bend in half, find the middle and fasten with a stapler so that the clip lies across.

Now you need to stick the strips alternately, bending in one direction.

It was a magnificent, three-dimensional flower of sixteen petals!

It remains to attach a stapler stem from the stick from the cocktail between the petals /
Such flowers can be made as a present for Birthday, for Mother's Day.

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