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Fruits and vegetables from paper 2018
2016-05-29, 21:07:43

Fruits and vegetables from paper.

Such original DIY children do with great pleasure. It is possible to play, to hang like an autumn decoration, can put in area, of nature, to hang on the Christmas tree. This hack is still mobile, it can be neatly folded in a box to the desired time.

Prepare various colored paper, glue, scissors, any two different diameter round object. After discussing what crafts we want to make and what for don the right paperwork, get to work. I will tell you the production of Handicrafts for example pears. You can pre-cook for the children the template of the pear. Encircles the template, cut and fold all the blanks in half

Then glue all the blanks with one edge to each other.

Decorated with green leaves and ready.

Round to make it even easier. From the resulting beads can dream up, to make various crafts (bird, Apple, Bunny, pumpkin, etc.)

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