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"Help the dwarf" Music lesson 2018
2016-04-09, 11:10:13

Objective: in children of the muses. hearing the singing voice, creativity.
1) to Teach the techniques of playing the children's musical. tools and instruments - homemade products.
2) to Develop the ability to move in accordance with the character of the music and rhythmic pulsations.
3) a sense of compassion for others ' distress.
4) to Develop emotional responsiveness to instrumental classical music.
5) to Develop the vocal apparatus and the purity of intonation of the song "Penguin".
6) Develop a sense of rhythm through sounding gestures.
7) Learn the first figure of the dance "Funny palms" through games.

The course lessons.
White fluffy snow
In the air spinning
And quiet
Falls, falls.
The snow whirls and flies,
Just very quickly melts.
The kids got up to dance
Not to stand still
Come on snow,
Come on buddy
You dance around together.
Mgmt "Plates"
1, 2, 3, 4
We washed the plates!
Games with stomping now
Turn together in time.
1, 2, 3.4!
We washed the plates.
We are not going to wait long
We turn around again!
And then, and then,
We will spin around.
Now repeat all the music.

Guys, let's sit down and I'll tell you something interesting.
Guys, I caught some snowflakes while you danced. Here is the greatest!
And something is written...
We dwarf snowflake from the forest sent.
His children wrote on it? (read)
We have a big problem in the forest!
A wicked snowstorm swept up everything!
All of the tracks, all the way
Neither to pass, nor to pass.
We need to go see him, cheer.
Warm song of the Blizzard the snow to melt.
But how can we find the way to the house of a Dwarf? Wait there's something else written.
"Under snow-covered Christmas tree you will find a magic chest. And it and magical things. They will help you along the way. "
So go on the road. Wait, wait. I think I hear something.
And blizzards came
Moaned, whistled.
Gonna have to wait. Let's listen to the music of winter.
That's how disturbing the music of winter. Now in a way.
And on his way high mountain. To get to the trunk you have to climb on it. Up to go hard, going up with a song. Sing slowly and slowly.
"Now I'm going up"
Now easily escape from the mountain.
"That's one down" (Repeat the pre-chorus)
So we got up to snow-covered fir tree. And under her magic box and a Gnome.
In the trunk I'll take a look
What I now find in it?
What lies here in the chest,
In the distant corner?
Oh and here guys
Hid a mystery.
Ice all around, and this bird
Not afraid to catch a cold
Goes important, very grandly,
And her name is... (Penguin)
And here is our little penguin (Picture)
Let's think about it a funny song, and maybe the snow on a forest path will begin to melt. (first verse)
Guys, what if our song was fun, and the voices louder sing the chorus of the song in a whisper.
Now, sing aloud, and see what we've got.
In the chest now look
The tools we can get.
In their hands we'll take
Fun to play start.
Start the game spoons, then rattles, bells and continue to the end of tambourine sounds.
Guys, try to be rhythmic and to music.
In the trunk I'll take a look
Now what I find
(Illustration of the road)
Track curve no.
That we dwarf the path to the house shows.
Let's remember how we walked along track.
In the box look again
The bell we'll get
The bell sings to us,
To dance he calls.
The dance we will create, sing about a snowstorm. (dance snowstorm)
Look me now
In the box one last time.
What a Cup of this
Painted bright Yes.
It's magic flashlight! We will find the path to the house dwarf.
We'll take the lanterns
Yes to play with them will begin
Game "find a pair"
Guys, look here and the path to the house dwarf.
Cute gnome face, you we have been waiting for!
(Stand gnome)
Hello gnome!
We are very glad to meet you. The guys did their best and coped with all difficulties. (Listen to the dwarf)
Guys, the dwarf says that he wants to join us in kindergarten, to stay with you guys. Take it with you. And lanterns take, they will help you to find the way back. And now, good-bye!

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