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Integrated music lesson "Swirling snowflakes" 2018
2016-04-08, 23:05:19

Organizational moment:

Children enter the hall to the music of "White snowflakes" .

Music Director: hi, guys! (the children answer)

And, you can say Hello with a different intonation and mood.

Listen here, I'll say Hello to you (happy, fun) Answer me also.

And now I greet you differently, listen here (sadly). I have a seat? Sing me also.

And, you can sing a greeting like this (cheerfully, and you answer me in the same nature.

- Wonderful, today in class we will be joyful, cheerful, cheerful mood!

Guess what I'll make.

Powder tracks

Tinted the Windows,

The joy the children gave

And on a sled ride.

(Answer: winter)

Today we will go for a walk in the winter woods. Let's go on a winter trail and look around, admire the beauty. (go under the cheerful music)

Look, we were in a fairy winter forest. It's beautiful in here! What do you see around?

Children: Snow, drifts, trees.

Let's get "Hey! ". Maybe someone will respond.

Exercise "AU" - the main element of this exercise is moving (planing, a rising intonation with a sharp transition from one register to another. The main purpose of this exercise is the activation of phonational exhalation, i.e. the connection of the voice with the breath that differ in energy costs from speech.

I hear some rustling. Let's sit down on panicky and watch the forest inhabitants.

- So, who lives in the forest? (Children's responses) .

A slide show (a winter forest)

- Guys! It seems Blizzard starts. Look at the snowflakes. (Multimedia display of "Snowflakes")

Musical-rhythmic movement: "Snowflakes"

- And we can spin like snowflakes.

Guys, the last month of winter called? (February)

Many composers and painters like winter.

Today I want to introduce you to the musical work of Antonio Vivaldi from "the four seasons"- "February"

Antonio Lucio Vivaldi (1678 — 1741) was an Italian composer, violinist, teacher, conductor. Vivaldi known for his instrumental concertos, especially for violin. His most famous work is a series of four violin concert "the four seasons".

- And what for the instrument, violin, you know?

The violin is a stringed instrument. Even there are orchestra violinists. The orchestra is when a lot of musicians playing on musical instruments of wonderful works.

Do you want to hear? Listen!

Listening to music by A. Vivaldi "February".

What kind of music we listened to nature? (quick, joyful, smooth, easy, fun)

- Cold? And let us, the children, boys and girls, warm up a bit! Repeat after me!

Children do verbal game "Snow"

As on the hill - snow, snow, Raise your hands up, two cotton.

And under the hill – snow, snow, Kneel, two slap

And on the tree – snow, snow, Raise your hands up, two cotton

And under the tree – snow, snow, Kneel two slap.

And under the snow sleeping bear Pricopi

Hush, hush. Be quiet! Speak in whispers, the index finger near


Music: Warmed up, my boys? Well done! Who in the cold does not sit, he will never freeze!

Guys, do you know the song about winter? Let's sing the song "Winter song"

- Guys, let we simulated the song. All look closely at the pictures and repeat the words of the song.

Modeling song "Winter song" Music V. Vitlin, words by P. Casanovas.

- Well done, guys! Did well with modeling songs. And now we have to say goodbye to the winter forest. Goodbye, winter forest!

Reflection: Where have we been? What did you like? How the composer met? What kind of music listened to?

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