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Integrated physical training and music lessons with children 3-4 years of age and their parents "birthday cat Murka" 2018
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Teacher: Hello guys! Today we will go to visit the cat Murka. As we go, we don't know the way?

Teacher: (meow) Who came to us. We got kitten Fluff and invites to cat Cat to visit.

Self-Massage "Murka" (O. Arsenevsky)

Our cats fur is smooth. Stroking a cat.

And kids hair? Too! Stroking his head.

Our cats paws soft.

And the kids handle? Too! Stroking hands.

Our beautiful little ears.

And ears children? Too! Tert lugs.

Our cats nose was small.

While the kids nose? Too! Stroking the nose.

Teacher: Well what? Workout need to spend!

Dance warm-up "toe, toe"

Teacher: how do you like to play with kittens? (goal)

Exercises with balls – balance balls

- walking, ball over his head,

- walking side step,

- riding with 2 hands in front of him, from side alternately with one hand,

- jumping with the promotion.

A sedentary game, "My cheerful ringing ball"

My cheerful ringing ball, where are you going rushed enough.

Red, blue, blue not to keep up with you.

1, 2, 3 – catch!

Children are invited at the end of words to give the balls to the parents. REP. 2 times

Teacher: Guys! The cat the Cat's birthday! What are love cats?

Teacher: Well Done! They love the fish!

With the help of our game "Loviska fish" we can a cat make a nice gift.

The mobile game "Lowicki" (with fish)

Description: Children are built in a circle; each has a colored ribbon on the end is tied with a fish tucked behind the belt.. In the center of the circle stands catch. On a signal the tutor: "one, two, three catch! "children run up and down the court. Catch running around playing, trying to pull anybody's ribbon fish. On a signal the tutor: "one, two, three in the circle hurry run!" all are built in a circle. The tutor proposes to raise the hands of those who had lost their ribbons, i.e. lost, and counts them. Catch returns ribbons with fish children, and the game is repeated, with new driving.

Teacher: Time to go. And we will go by bus.

Dance warm-up "the Bus"

Teacher: Here we are. (house Cats)

Murka the cat: (meow) Hello! Thank you Fluff that brought me so many friends.

Teacher: Murka! We congratulate you happy birthday! We made you a gift of a song.

The song "Caravan" (a play on the glockenspiel)

Teacher: whiskers, did you guys catch the gift of delicious fish.

Cat Murka: Thanks! I just finished the dough. I will bake you a cake! (picks up the fish and carries into the house)

Teacher: Well, children love pies! Murka, you guys want to play with you?

Cat Murka: I love to play with mice.

Teacher: And the guys can turn into mice. And balls –balls in mink. Dance. Dance fast in mice to become.

The game "Cat and mouse"

Depicts an adult cat, children – mice. The children sit in Minks "balls – fitball", the cat walks around the room, saying

The cat goes through the yard, looking for mice, you will not find.

Quiet mouse sitting, on it they look.

Murka mice not found and sleep was gone.

Cat sits on a chair and falls asleep, the mouse sit on the ball and jump. The cat wakes up with the end music and tries catching those mice who did not manage to hide.

Teacher: Play, now I need to rest (sit on carpet)

Breathing exercise "Ball" (B. Tolmachevo)

Teacher: cat ball, and the kitten didn't bother her:

came and foot — top! The cat's ball — lop! sh-sh-sh.

The children put the hands on the stomach and doing through the nose breath, trying not to lift your shoulders. The belly should be round, like a ball. After a short delay of breath occurs long exhale with pronouncing the sound "sh". Children should try to air out evenly.

Cat Murka: (makes houses and pie) so my cake is ready! Help yourself! (pushes, on the spacing are fish) Treats the children and parents!

Teacher: Thank you very much! We have outstayed my welcome. Time to go home. Goodbye.

Cat Murka: Godspeed!

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