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LEXOGRAPHY (Blot paint) "Spring tree" 2018
2016-06-02, 20:14:48


Lexography (Blot paint) is one of such techniques of drawing, which is loved by both children and adults. With the help of blots and flow of air, and unusual silhouettes, which are then the artists turn in the trees, fairy-tale characters, flowers, and more. The kids and I drew a very great pleasure. The kids especially liked to draw a straw, after lunch, the children were again asked to draw. They took home beautiful pictures, and parents were pleased with the day, looking at the excited and happy faces of their children. Just a few drops of paint and you first he does not know that you can still succeed. But art attracts and fascinates. Drawing, you simply enjoy the beauty of this action!

     Accepting this drawing not only interesting but also useful. Very good to use this method of drawing for children with delay in speech development (articulation is like gymnastics). Painting by blowing through a straw improves health and develops strength of the lungs and respiratory system, this is especially useful when coughing. Try it and you will enjoy a wonderful pastime and enjoy the fun and beautiful and your own pattern! Creative you success.

Goal: to Develop children's creative skills through familiarity with non-traditional methods of drawing. Develop your mouth muscles, improve the respiratory function.


Training. Mastering the technology of lexography (Blot paint) and method of primanivanija brush with watercolor paints. Learning to finish the details of objects, to give them a completeness and resemblance to the real image.

Develop - development of creative abilities, imagination, fantasy on the basis of acquaintance with non-traditional methods of drawing.

Bringing up - to educate the pupils of accuracy, while performing tricks, diligence, ability to listen, to bring begun to end, to get pleasure from the work.

The preliminary work. The seeing pictures of Erik Bulatov's "Sleeping beauty" Oleg Vasiliev poems of Vsevolod Nekrasov", observation for a walk in the trees, plants, samples of previously completed work, illustrations for children's books.

Materials: Sheet of white paper format, f-4, gouache, watercolor paints, jar of water, brush, straw for drinks, wet cloth.

Move The Gcd.

V. Children come to me. (children come). Early this morning I went to work and saw something very beautiful. You want to look and see?


B. Then I will ask you to go to the window and look closely! Teacher reads a riddle.

Outside the window, in plain sight,

The book grew in the garden.

Rang out from the pages

The voices of cheerful birds.

The wind flew past,

The entire book is leafed through.

The sun in the morning as got up,

So until the evening read.

And then a lot of days

The clouds wept over her.

What is it? (The tree) .

His spring and summer

We've seen clothed

And in the autumn from the poor thing

Ripped off all shirts.


D. The Tree.

V. Right tree. Look carefully at what else it looks like a tree? What appeared on the branches of trees? What color are the leaves? (children's responses) Yes, it was our long-awaited spring, and on the trees the leaves! The tree became even more beautiful.

Today we have unusual lesson. To draw, we will not as we do. The picture we get of great beauty. For a start we will do a small workout.


The wind blows us in the face. Waving their hands to the face.

Rocked the tree. Swaying from side to side.

Wind hush, hush, hush. Squatting, waving their arms up and down.

Tree higher and higher. Are drawn up.

V. let's See what I have in my basket.

D. Paint brush, a tube, a jar, paper, napkins.

V. As you can see, there will be no ordinary painting. We will draw do not brush and tube. Yes, you heard right, draw a tube. Let's try?

D. Yes.

The children sit at tables. The teacher shows the technique of drawing. To do this in the middle of the sheet put a big blot of paint and begin to blow. When the wind blows so that our BLOB was growing up, and turning into the trunk and branches.

Recalls that brush to gain a lot of paint do not need to drip a blot gently do not vymazyvaja the table and himself. Children perform the task, listen to slow music. As needed, the teacher helps children in the process. Blobs you need to blow and it's a little hard for the children, and the muscles of the mouth get tired quickly. After the children drew a tree, perform the exercise.


We legs top top!

We hands clap clap!

We are the eyes of a MiG-MiG,

We shrug SNiP-SNiP.

Times - here, two there,

Turn around around.

Times - sat, two stood up.

Hands up all raised.

One-two, one-two,

It is time for us to do.

V. And now sit in place and we will continue to draw.

Leaves we will draw a brush. Dip the brush in green paint and primative to our branches, thus, produces leaves.

Q. What you are all done! All well tried and drew a wonderful tree. We will do an exhibition of drawings, and teach other kids how to draw a straw.


B. What we drew today?

V. by what means?

V. Who liked their own work, why?

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