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Master class Birch forest of paper 2018
2016-05-29, 20:42:17

Kids love to do applique, but if it has volume twice. Under the topic "Trees" can offer children a collective work. It turns out this layout (this is the reason to practice) .

To prepare an application:

color duplex paper


half sheet white color f-4


Before class mark sheet 6*3 cm

These wedges will become the trunks of trees. Children with a marker or felt-tip pen to draw dash.

Cut the wedges, the Lateral edge of the wound on the pencil and lubricates the entire length with glue. Blend one edge to the other and pressed tightly against the pencil. It turns out the pencil pulls out a gun.

At the base make the incisions at a distance of 0, 5 cm and bent.

Now, we the branches. Cut strips of W-5 ml, l-15 cm, make a dash. 3 strips lubricated with glue and glue on the inside of the barrel. A few bands stuck to the trunk. From green paper cut out glue the lawn and trees.

Forest is ready. You can decorate the meadow flowers.

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