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Master class How we drew spring 2018
2019-03-10, 10:52:41
We watched the snow melt and snowdrops appeared, surprising everyone with their blue.
Apply a watermark to the images

The gradual drawing of the figure in the context of the changes in nature. Teacher and students draw one big picture.
Next to the pine snowdrop

Looking at the sky — light, delicate

What snowflakes petals!

Don't reach for him —

Suddenly the petals melt

Then the ground was covered with young green grass and we drew a green carpet.

Later we saw dandelions, they, as small the sun shining, turned yellow in the grass. Dandelions appeared in our picture.

In spring, the trees swell buds and first leaves bloom. Do you like to watch how spring wakes up from winter sleep and nature comes to life? We kids immediately noticed it, and dressed the trees in spring attire.

Surprised mom and dad, what talented kids they have!
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