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Music lesson "a Walk in the spring forest" 2018
2016-04-09, 10:53:35


Children together with the teacher go to the gym.

music Director (Muz. hands.) : Guys, look, we came to visit again today. Let them say hi first all together.


Now, guys, every come up with a song for his greeting.

The children sing.

Look where you came? There are so many trees.

The children's responses.

Right, into the forest. Here's our birch stands in the middle of the clearing. Yesterday it snowed again and covered all the tracks and our meadow. But I just want to quickly come spring. Let us help you spring, you want to wrestle with snow, Topcem it this well. Stand around birch trees and making a lateral canter to the left side, the face in the circle. Stand up straight, hands on belt. Left leg runs away, and the right to catch up with her. First try slowly. Watching the distance.

Perform the side gallop movement without music. The pace up a little faster.

Now even better would pricope snow, making each other a fractional step.

Children move a fractional step. We sit on the chairs.

Muz. hands: Carefully listen to a piece of music. What's it about? What is his mood? Who is doing it?

Sounds Like "Spring" Mozart. (Song of military character, performed by solo and chorus)

The children's responses.

Muz. hands: Guys, you know, I'm somewhere in the clearing we saw our friend Julia doll. And you accidentally noticed?

Child or educator: I saw her.

music Director: please Bring her to us.

Bring the doll Julia. Muz. hands. brings it to his ear.

music Director: Julia said that she was very upset due to the fact that the street is cold again and the snow fell. Yulia, don't worry, we are also sad because of this. Look at those guys as they helped the spring, pretotal snow. Guys, what would cheer us Julia?

The children's responses.

Song-raspechatka "Little Julia".

music Director: Julia was not amused. What are we to do? Listen, Julia, the last time we walked through the woods, we heard the song of birds, the cuckoos. Want, we'll sing a song about her? The girls will sing only the song of the cuckoo, and the boys all the other words. And then switch roles.

The Song "The Artist" Kabalevsky.

music Director: Well, we cheered our Julia.

Brings the doll to his ear. Julia tells me that she saw the Bunny, and he handed her his handkerchief. Maybe we'll dance.

Dance with handkerchiefs. (The choice of music Director)

(Work out the quality of execution of movements) .

music Director: And now the time has come for us to say goodbye. Think of each song to say goodbye with guests.

The children sing. Go out of the room.

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