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Music on the theme of "Spring" for children of middle group 2018
2016-04-08, 22:43:48

Children enter the hall and stand in a circle.

Musical Director. Children, let's say Hello (singing) : "Hello, children."

Children (singing) : "Hello".

music educator: What time of the year?

Children (and) Spring.

music educator. spring Now. What can you say about spring?

Children (implied answers). The sun is warm, the snow has melted, the snowdrops appeared, birds flew i

music educator. is Right. Migratory birds return from the South. Let's play the birds. To fly, birds flap their wings. Kids, show what the birds legs?

Children are Small, thin.

Music educator. Show.

Children show two fingers

Music educator. So you are going to jump and run easily, without touching each other so that your bird does not fall.

Exercise "Sparrows" A. Serov. An excerpt from the Opera "Rogneda".

Children practice easy running, rhythmic and light jumping. Deepen the skills of correct hand movements, timely changes of movements and stopping with the end of the music. Performed the exercise twice. With the end of music "flying" on the chairs.

M. R. (comments positively on the performance of the exercise). The music not only to dance but also to listen to it.

Sounds the play "Sparrow" A. Rubbah

After listening to it. Children, what's the name of this musical piece?

Children (anticipated responses) : "Sparrow".

Music educator. Who music portrays?

Children (anticipated responses) Sparrow, Sparrow jumps.

Music educator. What kind of music?

Children (implied answers) Quick, loud, sharp, playful, humorous

Music educator. Fellows. Correctly. Tell me, the song of the Sparrow?

Children (expected answer) "Chik, Chirik".

Music educator. do you Remember what the voice sings the mother –bird. Some fledglings.

Children (anticipated responses) Mother – low, high. The birds are singing high voice, low.

Music educator. Mother bird singing in a low voice, and nestling – high. The teacher gives children two cards. On one card is a picture of mother – birds, on the other card depicted a bird.

Let's sing like a mother – bird, in a low voice. Children sing: "chirp chirp" sound to1. We will now sing the song of the bird. Children sing: "chirp chirp" sound до2. Well done. Now try to guess which song I play. Then lift the card or picture mom, or the chick.

Children listen to a melody, then high, then low. Then raise the appropriate card. The assumption that not all children can distinguish high and low sounds.

Music educator We're singing a little and prepare their voices for the songs.

Children perform the song "Winter has passed" N. Metlov

Music educator, I liked your performance. Listen to the second song. We started to learn a previous lesson.

The song "Bird" by A. Filippenko (version 1 of verse without words) .

Children, you know about whom this song?

Children (Implied answers) About the bird, about a little bird.

Music educator is Right. Let's sing. Version 1 of the verse. The teacher draws the children's attention to a prolonged singing, intonation and articulation. Sung twice to secure. Then forgot how 2 verse.

Children, we sang two songs about spring, the birds. Say, the first and second songs of the same nature or different?

Children (implied answers). Different. First - fun, fast, sharp, light, playful. And the second – slow, soft, tender, fluffy.

Music educator. Fellows. But music can not only sing but also dance. Get up helter-skelter. And let's dance.

music educator. (Before the dance). Children, let's remember, if the music sounds calm, then we'll clap

Children. Quiet

Music educator. If the music is loud, we will be clapping

Children. Loud.

Music educator. is Right. Children in turn try to stretch forward the right arm, then his left, palms to reveal. At first this movement the children repeat the show. Then try yourself.

Dance track "Drops" Author L. Kustov.

The first half of the song the children are dancing in the show. The second is their own. They depict birds, running helter-skelter, and the end of music running on the chairs. In this composition are fixed acquired

motor skills: clapping different kind, easy running in circles and all directions. Remedial objectives: the development of General and fine motor skills, orientation in the space. Emotional – figurative perception of music, the ability to convey the character of the music and create the specified image.

music educator (M. R.) Fellows. What are we even the music didn't do?

Children. (Anticipated responses). Not played.

M. R. it Means we have to play.

The game "Dog and bird" S. Nosulenko ("Bell" No. 12)

Children learn to play by the rules, raising endurance, ability to listen to music until the end. Try to create a musical game image. Thus developing their individuality and creativity games

M. R. Children, today you have a lot to tell about spring. But unusually, and with the help of music. Remind me again how you talked about the spring.

Children (Implied answers). Sang, danced, played.

M. R. we listened to music. Children, I liked our meeting.

It's time to say goodbye. Sing "goodbye". The music the children return to the group.

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