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Musical play date "on a visit to the hedgehog" 2018
2016-04-07, 23:00:12


Sounds March, the children go to the hall, stand in a circle.

Music Director: hi, guys! Today, such wonderful weather! The sun is shining! And I want to wish all: "Good morning! "So let's wish good morning to our guests a cheerful song.

Valeological children perform a song-the warm-up with massage and Wellness "Good morning," O. N. Arsenevsky

Good morning! Clap

Smile soon!

Today whole day do the spring

Would be more fun.

We will stroke the forehead, carry out movements according to text

Nose and cheeks,

We will be beautiful, head Tilt right, left

As the flowers in the garden.

Crum palm Motion text


Now let's have a round of applause


Smile again,

Be healthy! A big arms to the side.

On the screen appears a puppet hedgehog. Music Director draws the children's attention on him.

Hedgehog: Hello friends! Tell me, please, how to get to the kindergarten "Fortress"?

Music Director: You're already here. This is our kindergarten.

Hedgehog: Oh, how cool! I learned that the guys your kindergarten, merry, cheerful, love nature. So, I decided to invite them to his guests.

Musical Director: Well, what guys will go to see the hedgehog!

The children are responsible.

Hedgehog: I Will wait for you with impatience, I'll cook you a meal.

The hedgehog goes.

Teacher: Oh, guys, the hedgehog has forgotten to tell us where his house. Well, will have to look for the road, we will look under every Bush. The path ahead of us is long, to not get lost, we have to stick together, be friends.

Now in a way. To go was more cheerful, we clap clap, fun, Pat, patter and learn it.

Is exercise S. figurovskii the "Stomp-clap" +patter. (Development of coordination, sense of rhythm and diction). Children first perform the steps in place, then add claps on the downbeat. Then, continuing to perform the exercise, begin to pronounce the tongue Twister.

Teacher: now, I think we need to sit back and relax on Panucci (chairs) .

Children pass each other, sit on the chairs.

Music Director:(takes a breath) guys, I feel a wonderful smell. See flower fields! What a miracle!

In the meadow, by the river

Blossomed the little flowers!

Yellow and blue,

White and red-

To what are beautiful!

To what are beautiful!

Guys to take these magical flowers in hand, let's prepare his or her hands.

Finger game "Magic flower".

(fine motor development) .

Slept a magic sleep flower:

(Cam tightly compressed) .

It seemed to petal,

(straighten big toe) .

And behind him is his buddy,

(index finger) .

Here and third row

(the middle finger) .

And fourth not far behind,

(the ring finger) .

That and the fifth petal,

(the little finger) .

And opened up the entire flower!

(Brush in the form of the calyx) .

Now, pick up a flower, and inhale their fragrance!

The teacher hands out paper flowers.

Performed breathing exercises "Flower" the music of nature. (The exercise is aimed at achieving respiratory relaxation through physiological reflex, which when you inhale through the nose relaxes the smooth muscles of the bronchi). Teacher: Guys, our journey continues. Quiet, I hear someone's voice. I think it's the cubs in the den talking. Articulation exercises "Bears". (Funny, sad, happy). (The exercise conduces to training of the muscles of the vocal apparatus)

Musical Director: Guys, how long are we going through the woods, and a hedgehog so far nowhere to be seen. And you and nobody got lost! Let's check! Running the exercise "Question and answer". O. N. Arseniev. (The main element of this exercise is moving (planing, rising and falling intonation with a sharp transition from chest to falsetto register. Conversely, with a distinctive "fractured" voices, which is called the threshold register (for children) .

Cry in the woods: --a-A-a-u-uuu! And me in reply: --Ah-Ah-Ah-OO-OOO! Scream again: a-A-a-u-uuu! And my answer: a-A-a-u-uuu! Music Director (in a whisper) : guys, look, we have a hut on chicken legs. And the door is open, swinging and creaking. Running the exercise "Shtro-bas". Emelyanov, V. V. (relaxation of ligaments) .

Teacher: Oh, guys, I found a pipe. Perhaps her dwarf lost. I wonder how she sounds! ("Playing" the imaginary pipe) . Running the exercise "Doodle". (Work range) . Musical Director: Great tune from the dwarf. Yes, and the dwarf is also good. And now, a song about him sing! Song on character cheerful, cheerful, as does the dwarf.

Performed the song "the Gnome" music of Udachina. Teacher: Guys, I think we've come. I see the house of a hedgehog. On the screen appears the hedgehog. Hedgehog: Guys, finally you came! How glad I am! Teacher: the Hedgehog, the guys know the song about you and now you sing it! Performed the song "Poor hedgehog." After the song hedgehog and music Director talking with the children on the content.

Sounds waltz melody, on the screen appears a butterfly, it "flutters" to the music.

Hedgehog: Oh, what a beautiful butterfly! And how beautifully she dances the waltz! Teacher: Our guys also know how to dance to this music. And now will dance for you.

Performed dance improvisation.

Teacher: And now I invite you to play. Look, what a wonderful clearing. Guys, stand in a circle. And the hedgehog looks at you. Is logarithmically game "Lavata".

(First the children play, then they become "chanterelle", "hares", "bears"). (Imitation of the voice and the habits of animals, the development of imagination). Hedgehog: Oh, guys, you have pleased me. Please accept a treat. (Gives a basket of fruit) .

Teacher: Guys, let's thank hedgehog for the meal and bid him farewell. It is time for us to return.

Children say goodbye to the crew and go out of the room.

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