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(Painting) on the theme "Clothing" 2018
2016-06-02, 20:22:50

Synopsis immediate educational activities in the second youngest group on the theme: "fashion House".

Integration of educational areas: "Artistic creativity", "Communication", "Music", "Knowledge" (the formation of a holistic picture of the world, "Work"


• Expand children's ideas about the kinds of clothes;

• To develop the artistic perception of children;

• To develop attention;

• To practice the skill to perform a variety of movement through the text;

• Develop skills of creating compositions (compositional thinking) ;

• Create the ability to work in a team.

• Continue to develop children's desire to take up painting.

• Learning to make patterns on the template.

• To develop creative imagination, fantasy,

• To generate interest in activities

• Educate artistic taste, patience, attention, observation.

Demonstration material:

• pictures for your interactive whiteboard – dress, shoes, hat

• doll Natasha


• Cotton swabs,

• Watercolor

• Cans of water,

• Stand under the brush,

• Sample patterns

• Handout sheet of paper with a doll on the number of children.


• Conversation,

• game situation

• artistic expression,

• the productive activity of children,

• analysis

• summing up.

NOD in the second younger group "Decorate doll dress Natasha"

Teacher: Guys, please tell me, and you know who sews clothes? (seamstress)

And where it's sewn? (sewing workshop)

Guys, have you ever made clothes? (none)

Would you like to try? (Yes)

Let's first look a little film on how to sew clothes. Agree? (Yes)

Do you guys know today I received a letter from the designers they asked us to help them decorate the clothes, because they don't have time. Help designers? (Yes)

Let's go to the design workshop and come up with new beautiful dresses for our dolls.

To overcome obstacles...

Well, here we are.

And our dresses turned out fabulously beautiful, we need our fingers to knead.

Finger gymnastics

Before you sheets, which shows dress. But it's boring, simple, white. Let's come up with patterns that will allow us to make this dress a festive and beautiful Look at these samples. Here and circles and lines. And now we take cotton buds and will create their own patterns.

Teacher: Guys, what we just painted, and paint what color? And what patterns have we got, let's see how many dresses did. With the work we did.

Now our thumbnails, we'll send to the designers by mail.

Well that's all guys it's time for us to go back to kindergarten.

Guys tell me what we did today? What was most difficult?

What I would like to do more?

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