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Pencil holder as a gift to dad 2018
2018-01-19, 18:57:18

"Pencil in gift to the Pope" master class.

Salted dough is a very plastic and affordable material in working with children and rightfully enjoys great success among educators. We with guys have made different pencils in a gift to fathers, grandfathers.

I want to offer you a master class on making a pencil maker "Machine."

For work you will need:

150 gr. finished dry mix,

container with water, a jar of baby food, stack.

We enclose the jar with a test. The layer should not be thin.

From the roller form the hood of the machine. Before fixing the parts, it is neces Before fixing the parts, it is necessary to wet the joints with water.

On the sides we attach balls-wheels which we decorate with a cap from a felt-tip pen.

The fake should be dried for 3 days.

Forgery is decorated with watercolors.

All. All. A beautiful machine can be given to my father and grandfather.

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