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Synopsis a comprehensive organized educational activity on the formation of elementary mathematical 2018
2016-06-04, 23:12:48

Synopsis a comprehensive organized educational activity on the formation of elementary mathematical concepts and artistic creativity – of an application in the 2 younger group.

"Long – short, longer – shorter.

Software maintenance:

1) learn to compare objects by length and indicate the result of the comparison words long – short, longer – shorter.

2) to improve ability to create a group of items from individual items and distinguish one item from the group.

3) secure the ability to designate the totality of the words one, many, none.

4) to Improve ability to accurately score the glue on the brush, spreading of the mold, to press the details of the cloth.

5) to Develop visual attention, subtle visual differentiation.

Materials and equipment.

Demonstration material. Two tracks of the same color, but different lengths, two baskets with large and small balls.

Handout. Large and small balls for each child.

The additional material. Murals of Clown and glued strips of different lengths, cut from colored paper circles small and large, glue stick, oilcloth for an application, swipe.

The contents of the activities organized by children.

I part. The lesson to be conducted in the gymnasium.

On the floor two paths of different lengths. On the wall murals of a clown.

Educator. Look, guys who are waiting for us here. Let's say Hello to the clown!

Children. Hello, clown!

Educator. Guys, this cheerful clown has prepared for you an interesting game. Look at the track.

The teacher asks children, what can we say about the length of the tracks. Shows like this can be found by using the overlay and application paths. Then asks to see a long (short) track.

The teacher offers to play the matching game We step on the track":

Educator. And now I will read you a poem, and you go down the path mentioned in the verse:

1. Here run, run, run

Little feet.

All run, run, run

Via a short walkway (children walk down a short lane) .

2. We walk like soldiers

Keep the back straight.

We walk like soldiers

On the long trail (the children go up the long driveway) .

Part II.

Educator. Well done guys, correctly went through the tracks. And the clown got you another surprise. A riddle:

Ringing, loud and bouncy

As much as flies over the clouds

And for the joy of children

Loud rides in the yard (the ball) .

Educator. That's right kids, it's a ball. Look in the recycle bin.

What can you say about the size of footballs?

How many big balls?

Take one big ball. How much each of you took the balls? (Single).

Now how many large balls are in the basket? (None) .

Let's try to roll the balls up the long driveway.

How to make the basket was again a lot of goals?

The children's responses.

The children put the balls into the basket. The teacher says, how many goals each child is put in the basket and how many of them became.

The same exercise children perform with small balls. Children rolled on their short lane, put in a basket with lots of balls and answer questions for caregivers:

How many little balls (a Lot)

How much larger balls (a Lot)

How many big and small goals together (more a lot) .

Part III. Mobile game "Catch the ball".

The teacher pours out of the basket balls and invites children to catch up and take one ball.

- How many balls have you caught?

Collected balls, the children put back in the basket, and the teacher finds out:

- How many goals you put in the basket?

- How many balls was in the basket?

The game is repeated 2-3 times.

Part IV. The children sit on benches.

Educator. Our guys clown asks to help him. While he was in kindergarten, he's come unstuck all the marbles. He asks you to help him to glue the balls in place. Help?

Children. Help!

The teacher shows on panel depicting a Clown and glued strips of different lengths. Considering with children large and small circles (balls) of different colors. Explains how to glue the circles to get the panels, which will decorate the hall, the group (on a long strip stick one ball on a short lot). Children perform collective work of an application "Clown with balloons". Upon completion of the teacher hangs a mural on the wall, the children consider it. The teacher praises the children's work, thanked the children on behalf of the clown. The kids go back to group and hang the resulting panels to the wall in a group.

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