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Synopsis mathematics in middle group "journey into the world of figures and numbers" 2018
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The abstract classes in the middle group "journey into the world of figures and numbers"
Software maintenance : develop cognitive abilities of children: the ability to find answers to problematic issues, to solve a problem situation.Continue to teach to group geometric shapes by shape, color;determining the location of an object relative to itself. To foster a love of mathematics.
Activation of mathematical vocabulary : big, smaller, small, the same.
Equipment :a letter is a mystery, a set of geometric shapes, bucket 3 colors, landscape the leaves, which are pasted bucket 3 colors and the rain drops, planar shapes of the houses, the characters of fairy tales, cut pictures.

Outline :
Teacher: Guys, look what a fancy envelope I received today. Who do you think I could send him where he's from.
Children: from the country of fairy tales?
Teacher: how did you know?
Children :the envelope depicts the characters of fairy tales.
Teacher :you want to see what it (takes 3 rectangle of one color, different sizes) What is it?
Children: rectangles.
Teacher: how many?
Children : 3.
Teacher :the same?
Children :by the color of the same volume is different.
Teacher: what are the largest rectangles?
Children: big, smaller, smallest.
Teacher :guys, if the envelope sent us from country of fairy tales, that could denote these rectangles?
Children :fairy tale characters.
Teacher :what do you think of what tales could they be?
Children:3 little pigs, 3 bears.
Teacher: Why do you think so? Guys pay attention to the size of the figures.
In the fairytale "3 little pigs" the pigs how tall?
Children: the same.
Teacher: and the figure?
Children : various.
Teacher : so what tales can be these characters?
Children: "3 bears".

Teacher: why are fairy tale characters presented in the form of geometric shapes? (children's responses) .It's probably an evil witch put a spell on the fairy tale characters and turned them into geometric shapes.They need help and country of fairy tales them, then we'll know exactly what tales we will have to go to the aid of the enchanted characters.Are you ready to help them?
Children: Yes!
Teacher: then let's go.Guys, look, a road to the country of fairy tales is guarded by dogs.How many are there?
Teacher :where is the white dog with a bow?
Children: in the middle.
Teacher: what kind of dog is the last, counting from left?
Children: evil.
Teacher: why did you decide she evil?
Children: grin.
Teacher :what number is the dog with white ears, if you take a left?
Children: first.
Teacher :dogs do not miss us in the country of fairy tales, if we don't fulfill the task that is hidden in the clearing. Look what unusual glade, what is it?
Children: geometric shapes.
Educator :one of the hidden figures task, I know which figure, but to call it you can't.You can ask me questions and find out which figure the job.
Children :the job is under circle (under the square (under the triangle (Yes) .under the red triangle (no, that's green (yeah) .under the big (not) under the pink (Yes) .
Teacher: let's see, here's the task :to build a dog track of geometric shapes.What shapes will we use?
Children :circles, squares, triangles.
Teacher :what color are the circles, squares, triangles?
Children :red, yellow.green.
Teacher :what kind of figure should be placed first?
Children :circle.
Teacher :what shape should for around?
Children : square.
Teacher :what figure follows the square?
Children :the triangle.
Teacher :Begin to spread. Make no mistake. the dogs do not miss us in the country of fairy tales.Here is the track built and the dogs we passed. Let's see how many houses in the country of fairy tales? Locate and go to the house, the same color what is your label. Please note, each house has its own number.What room of the house Nicholas, Sasha..? You should be settled in the house of fairy tales characters. The number of characters must match the house number( 7 -7 goats, pigs 3-3, 1-1 gingerbread)
Teacher:each house can live the characters in one tale. Left alone, the rabbit will make him friends.
Teacher: Guys, listen, we someone asks for help.who is it?
Children: fish.
Teacher: where is it?
Children:in the pool, the lake...
Teacher :what is it missing?
Children :water.
Teacher : and here is a bucket of water. But, guys, pour into the pool water from the bucket in which more water.What a bucket of more water (children's responses) .It seems to me that in each bucket the same amount of water.Guys look at the table task, let's execute it and see what the bucket of water more. What you see before you?
Children: bucket, drops.
Teacher :how many buckets?
Children :three.
Teacher :what color?
Children :red, blue, yellow.
Teacher :Bucket the same color as a bucket of water.You need to determine what bucket will get more drops. See make no mistake.In what bucket, the more drops?
Children:in red.
Teacher :How many drops were in a red bucket, Sasha, Mary.?
Teacher :it Means water from a bucket we need to pour into the lake?
Children: of red.
Teacher :the Boys help pour water into the lake. Well done, you saved a fish, and she decided to help us.We will rascaldom the characters of fairy tales, if we collect part of the picture.Go to the tables on which lies the circle, the same color as you. Put the pictures of That turned out to Nicolas. Katie?
Children :bears.
Teacher :how many?
Teacher :what tales these characters?
Children: "3 bears"
Teacher: what was the name bears?
Children: Mikhail, Anastasia , A Minute.
Teacher: right guys, today what we talked about? who helped?
Well done, now it's time to go to kindergarten.

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