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Synopsis music classes "Music of spring" 2018
2016-03-27, 11:00:42

The lesson

Children enter a music hall.

Sounds calm, quiet music.

They welcomed the musical Director.

Music leader :(rings bell)

The bell is calling you,

Go ahead,

Our people are efficient,

Albeit small

(The guys are in the hall)

Happy guests, as a good news

Good morning, dear guests.

Muz. hands. That was the end of winter, to visit us came.....

Children. Spring!

Muz. hands. I suggest you to go to the fairy spring forest to learn all about the sounds and colors of Spring!

Do you agree? Then, in a way!

Logarithmically exercise "FOREST, FOREST, TO the HEAVENS... "

Forest, forest, to the heavens

Full of fabulous wonders! Go step on the circle

The path will go, Children move in a circle step, at a leisurely pace.

Immediately in tale get! Speak the words accompanying gestures.

We went around a circle around the room and sit in the chairs

Music Director :

Well, here we are in fabulous, spring forest.

Sound in Audio recordings, "Sounds of nature"


Do you think maybe the Spring is to have its own music?

What sounds can be heard in the woods in spring?

The children are responsible.

And in our forest there are different music And this is the first glade glade glade is called she-songs.

I sing a song called "drip drop"

Song: drip drop (ml. gr. p. 205)

Musical Director : Well done! Go to following music the meadow. (come to the table on which lie instruments)

This clearing is called Instrumental. In this meadow, we play musical instruments.

The recording sounds "birdsong" ("voices of Spring")

Music Director : ringing drops - "cap! Cap! "to say highly, tap your finger on the palm

Hill ran a cheerful stream (on the glockenspiel from top to bottom and back)

Emerged from under the bark beetles (W-W-W – in a low voice, Insects (W-W-W – high-pitched voice,

Suddenly, under a pile of brushwood that there was a rustling sound (rustling paper)

Got hedgehog (snuffle nose) .

The woods were full of bird voices:

Large birds-sparrows began to sing loudly - "chirp chirp! Chirp chirp! "(low voice) .

Little birds was just repeating – "chirp chirp! Chirp chirp! "(high pitched voice)

Presentation (sound of rain)

- Listen – what's that noise? (Rain)

- Some rain.

Rain. The rain is stronger

To make it more fun.

Is the rain wet.

Rain, rain fully pouring,

Our grandfather watering!

Guys, the rain formed a stream.

(optional hands)

Stream wave plays

Pebbles goes through

Yes here one of these rocks, we'll see!

Touching them by hands. What are they? (cold, smooth, square, round, transparent, colored)

Let us approach the Bank of the stream.

Offer you friends will be located along the Creek near the rocks.

Take the stones and lay out the pattern for the spring.

Children are collected from stone objects (a flower, a cloud, a circle)

Guys, what you, well done, nice job

What is it like your pattern, Aleks?.

Now we've got a magical brook with beautiful patterns.

Musical Director. Can we portray a trickle? ... (The children answer) of Course, in motion, and now we are going to stay in the role of the cheerful streamlets.

(pass soltanici)

Musical and rhythmic movement "Streams"

Music Director : did you Like the woods in spring? Time to go back to kindergarten.


Fun in the forest walked

We were tired and a little

Along the path we go,

In kindergarten will come soon!


Music Director :

You guys liked our trip in a fabulous, magic forest spring sounds and colors? And what spring sounds you remember the most

Music Director :

What you like to do?

Music Director :

As well, it's been cold, winter is over, Spring is here, and she has her own - such beautiful colors and sounds!

Music Director :

Thanks to you guys!

Goodbye! (musical)

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