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Synopsis music lessons "Little drummer boy" 2020

The lesson

1. Chapeau

The class is held in the group.

In the group on the table are musical instruments (drum, flute, rattles, tambourine, next to the tools sitting bear (toy) .

The tutor enters with the children in the group.

Teacher: Children, look to us today came to visit a guest. And what's his name?

Children: answer the teacher's question (bear) .

Teacher: And bear children, we got something for you, what is it? This is musical instruments. Musical instruments - objects which are extracted the different musical sounds for a performance of a musical work. Guys, tell me, what musical instruments are on the table?

Children: answer the teacher's question (drum, tambourine, rattles, flute) .

2. The main part:

Teacher: Guys, before we are going to play musical instruments, let's do a warm-up.

And who took my pen? Where are your pens? Patted handles. Hello pen! (clap)

And you forgot to take your ears? Where are our ears? Here they are.

(pull yourself over the ears)

And you forgot to bring your eyes? Where are our eyes? Here they are. Eyes so close.

(palms close my eyes) Peek-a-Boo! Now open. Hello eyes!

And the legs we are today? Here are our legs. Hello legs! (stomp feet while sitting) .

Now, the compressed Cams. Show how much compress Cams. Compressible jaws and tapped Cams. Tuk-tuk-tuk-tuk.

Now knocked legs. First with one heel. And then other heel. And in turn knocked the heels.

And now we are going to play musical instruments.


Teacher: Oh, who came to us and hid? Sits and meows. Meow – Meow! Who? That's right, the cat. The cat came to us and wants to play with us. The cat brought the rattles to us and now we with you will play.

Playing with rattles.

3. The final part:

Teacher: now Boys we are going to dance. And our guests bear and the cat will look on us.

Children stand in a circle and dance, all the movements correspond to the lyrics.

The musical accompaniment is at the discretion of the teacher.

So ended our acquaintance with musical instruments. Guys, let's say goodbye to our guests.


1. What did you like the lesson?

2. What I learned new?

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